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LONARCH Concentrate - Ecofriendly Herbicide



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About LONARCH Concentrate - Ecofriendly Herbicide

Lonarch Herbicide is an eco friendly alternative to Glyphosate based herbicides such as Roundup®. Not only is this post-emergent weed, brush and grass killer safe to use around your family and pets, but it is also capable of killing weeds and grasses quickly. You will start seeing results in your landscape in as little as 4 hours.

This weed killer is safe to use in your living spaces, in backyards, along playground equipment, beside raised bed gardens and alongside dog houses.

Lonarch is not systemic, meaning the plant doesn't take up the chemical via the foliage and distribute throughout the plant. Lonarch works by breaking down the cuticle of the plant, which disrupts the photosynthesis process. Deadly for plants but safe for wildlife.

Areas that have been sprayed can be replanted in 48 hours. People and animals can enter an area sprayed by Lonarch once the product has dried, we usually recommend 2-4 hours after has been sprayed.

1 review for LONARCH Concentrate - Ecofriendly Herbicide

  1. Cindy Rodgerson (verified owner)

    Been using this product all around the farm and garden. Works beautifully. Highly recommend.

    • Team PBM

      Thank you so much for the review. This is one of our newest products listed online. I'm so glad you like it. - Christy

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