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Merritt's Supreme Pink Hydrangea

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The Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea features fantastic rosy pink blooms in mid or late summer. A perfect addition to the late season landscape.

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Give the Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea the chance to earn a spot in your garden! The Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea features fantastic rosy pink blooms in mid or late summer. A perfect addition to the late season landscape. These large gorgeous flowers are so pretty, you’ll want to take them with you. And you can! Consequently, you’ll love the Merritt’s Supreme’s cut flower functionality. What’s more, dry them to enjoy them even longer! (For an article from The Spruce on drying Hydrangea blooms, Click Here)


Although traditionally noted for their pink blossoms, prepare to fall in love with their stunning violet-blue blossoms as well. Like other Macrophylla hydrangeas, the flower color will change depending on the soil pH. If your hydrangea is producing blue blooms, they are in acidic soil. If your hydrangea is producing pink blooms, your soil is alkaline. Therefore, if you want to alter your bloom color, you can! Add Aluminum Sulfate to make your soil more acidic, and your blooms more blue. Add Lime to make your soil more alkaline, and your blooms more pink. However, no matter which bloom color you go with, the blossom color is decadently rich, and features numerous eye-catching hues in each mophead bloom.


This deciduous shrub produces soft green foliage spring before maturing to a dark green. These leaves are thickly veined with attractively serrated edges. Further ensuring that this shrub stays a garden contender even when not in bloom!


The Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea is a compact growing variety with dense foliage, reaching a mature size of 4-5′ x 4-5′. For this reason, it makes a great choice for a smaller spaces in the landscape.

Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 6-9


Plant in Partial Sun for best results. We recommend no more than 2 hours of direct sun in the Southern U.S., while no more than 3-4 in Northern locations. Too much direct sun will result in scorching.


Hydrangeas need steady moisture in order to prevent wilting. Water regularly after planting to encourage deep root growth. Once established, watering may still be required a couple times a week if your area has been hot and/or dry.


Well-draining garden soil is essential for preventing root rot.


Fertilize in spring or early summer with a slow-release fertilizer high in phosphorus. This will help ensure that your plant continues to grow and bloom heartily.


Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea 

Space Your Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea 3 feet apart for a seamless planting. Otherwise, plant your Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea 6+ feet apart to leave space between shrubs.


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1 Gallon, 3 Gallon

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Evergreen or Deciduous


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2 reviews for Merritt’s Supreme Pink Hydrangea

  1. Anonymous


  2. lyndeckman (verified owner)

    I ordered two Merritts Supreme Pink Hydrangeas. They arrived in beautiful, healthy shape.

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