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Moon Dance® Hydrangea

(2 customer reviews)

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About Moon Dance® Hydrangea

The Moon Dance Hydrangea (paniculata) is a new addition to the Southern Living Plant Collection. This hydrangea has a larger growth habit than the White Wedding Hydrangea and produces large creamy white conical bloom clusters on gracefully arching branches in late spring into autumn. This plant makes a great addition to any full sun to part sun landscape as a dramatic accent, specimen, or in mass plantings and will look great in decorative containers.  Another great use for the gorgeous blooms of the Moon Dance Hydrangea is to use them in cut flower arrangements to bring beauty into your home.

*The Moon Dance® Hydrangea is a deciduous/semi-evergreen plant and will go dormant during the winter months. When this plant is ordered during the Fall/Winter expect seasonal foliage decline(discoloration, spots, leaf drop) or the plant to arrive completely dormant.*

Planting Instructions

  • water before planting
  • plant in full sun to part shade
  • dig hole 3X the width of pot
  • backfill and plant 1″-2″ above soil level
  • water and add more soil if needed
  • mulch plants
  • Apply a balanced slow-release fertilizer each spring

How to Space Your Moon Dance Hydrangea 

Space Your Moon Dance Hydrangea 3 feet apart for a seamless planting. Plant your Moon Dance Hydrangea 6+ feet apart to leave space between shrubs.

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Common Name
Moon Dance® Hydrangea
Scientific Name
Hydrangea paniculata 'LeeP2' PPAF
, , , , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
6–8' H x 4–5' W
Bloom Season
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2 reviews for Moon Dance® Hydrangea

  1. Raj (verified owner)

    Just wanted to submit an update. A year later, both of my plants look very healthy and looking forward to the blooms this year.

  2. Raj (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of the 2 Gal Moon Dance Hydrangeas and one looked almost dead by the time it arrived. it was severely root bound with couple of thick roots choking the main stem. the flowering buds were mostly broken off from top and sides, the leaves were all brown, misshapen and holes in so many of them. There were dead and alive snails they I removed. The other one looked somewhat better as its roots were better but all the same problem. Have been tending to it, so hopefully these will recover. Was supper excited for these as they were going in my front yard. I am just so disappointed and sad that these did not come close to my expectation as I had ordered other plants along with this order that were just fine.

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