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More Birds Powder Red Hummingbird Nectar – 8 oz


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About More Birds Powder Red Hummingbird Nectar – 8 oz

More Birds Powder Red Hummingbird Nectar is the BEST option for those looking to attract more hummingbirds and keep them coming back to your feeder for years to come!

Hummingbirds flap their wings an average of 70 times per second which consumes a large amount of energy! With such a high-energy lifestyle, hummingbirds need to eat constantly and that is where Perky-Pet Red Powder Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate steps in. Perky Pet Hummingbird Nectar is just what you need to keep all of your hungry hummers happy, healthy and well fed.

Our 8 oz bag of concentrate makes up to 48 oz of nectar to keep you in good supply for new and returning visitors for months! There is no more need for hunting down constantly changing Hummingbird nectar recipes online that may or may not be healthy for your birds.

How To Use Perky Pet Concentrated Nectar Powder

  • Simply mix 3 tablespoons of concentrate powder into 7 ounces of water until you have reached your desired amount. If you feel that you have made more than needed, you can store any excess in the refrigerator with problems!
  • Our Red Hummingbird food is made of 100% sucrose providing a natural and healthy source of energy! Perky pet nectar is completely safe
  • Extremely easy to use! Just add water and mix!

Looking To Attract More Hummingbirds?

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