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‘Neverland’ Agapanthus

(3 customer reviews)

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About ‘Neverland’ Agapanthus

Some might argue that it’s impossible not to get a little pep in your step walking past a bed of blooming Neverland Agapanthus from the Southern Living Plant Collection. This beauty produces clusters of gorgeous lilac blue buds that soon blossom into stunning sky blue blooms, each with six rounded petals. An inner line runs through the center of each petal and fades to a blueish white at the edge.

This selection has a longer bloom period than many other Agapanthus varieties. Expect it to start blooming in mid-Spring and continue reblooming through Summer.

But wait, there’s more! The Neverland Agapanthus is a variegated beauty. It produces thick straps of true green foliage edged with golden hues. This evergreen foliage provides fantastic color contrast and texture, even when the plant isn’t in bloom.

This selection grows in a naturally compact, clumping habit. So it won’t spread through your garden like wildfire. However, make sure to divide the clumps every few years to promote the overall health of the plants in the cluster. Afterward, the extra plants can either be replanted or gifted to someone that you think could use a little piece of Neverland.

Use it as an accent, border, or mass planting. Alternatively, the Neverland Agapanthus is ideal for container plantings.

Hummingbirds and butterflies love Agapanthus for their tubular blooms.

The Neverland Agapanthus is heat tolerant, therefore, it feels right at home in Southern Gardens. Additionally, it’s drought-tolerant and water-wise once established.

Like the Neverland, but have too much sun? Check out the Queen Mum Agapanthus, Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus, or Ever Amethyst Agapanthus.

Neverland Agapanthus Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 8-11, down to 10°F.

Plant in Partial Sun for best results.

Water 3-4 times per week during the first growing season to encourage root growth. During the second growing season, provide supplementary water as needed.

The Neverland Agapanthus is tolerant of most soil types. However, rich soil keeps your perennial thriving year after year. Apply 3-4 inches of compost around your plant yearly (unless you have high clay soil).

Neverland Agapanthus Spacing Recommendations

Plant 8-10″ apart for a sea of Neverland Agapanthus. Space them over a foot apart to allow space between plants.

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Scientific Name
Agapanthus africanus 'Neverland' PP28034
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
20-24" H x 18-24" W
Bloom Season
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3 reviews for ‘Neverland’ Agapanthus

  1. Tammy Cason (verified owner)

    Ordered 4 and very happy with them.

  2. Cheryl karli (verified owner)

    A little disappointed with the condition of the plants. Ragged looking

  3. Mary Ann Brown (verified owner)

    Beautiful. One box was damaged with one plant damaged but I have contacted UPS.

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