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New Blue Liriope

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About New Blue Liriope

The New Blue Liriope has long and narrow deep green dense foliage. In late summer the New Blue will develop spikes with purple/lavender spikes that will be followed by dark blue berry like fruits. This ornamental grass has a clumping growth habit, and once mature can reach 12-15 in. tall. Liriope is very adaptable and can thrive in poor soils and dry conditions. Once established it is recommended to mow/trim back your liriope in fall so new fresh foliage can emerge in spring. New blue is great when planted as a ground cover or border planting along a flowerbed or side walk.

Spacing Your New Blue Liriope 

For a seamless mass planting, plant your New Blue Liriope 10-12 inches apart. Otherwise, space them 1.5+ foot-feet for gaps between plants.

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Common Name
New Blue Liriope
Scientific Name
Liriope muscari New Blue
USDA Zones
, , , , , , , , , , ,
Sun Exposure


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