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October Magic® Orchid™ Camellia (Sasanqua)

(8 customer reviews)

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About October Magic® Orchid™ Camellia (Sasanqua)

The October Magic Orchid Camellia is just one of numerous fantastic Camellias from the Southern Living Plant Collection’s October Magic series! The October Magic Orchid produces gorgeous semi-double white blooms with blushing pink edges. These blossoms emerge in fall, celebrating the return of fair weather. Expect this beauty to transform your landscape for weeks with its prolific and petite flowers.

The October Magic Orchid Camellia is an evergreen. Therefore, it retains its attractive dark green foliage all year long. Meanwhile, new foliage emerges with a bronze-red hue.

Reaches a mature size of 4-5 feet H x 3-4 feet W.

This white and pink blooming Camellia is naturally compact. This means that pruning is either purely optional or very minimal.

Use the October Magic Orchid as an accent, hedge, or mass planting. Alternatively, try it as a container plant, where its reliably attractive leaves and fantastic blooms will truly shine.

October Magic Orchid Camellia Care

Hardy in USDA Zones 7-9, and down to 0°F when established.

Plant in Full Sun to Partial Shade for best results.

The October Magic Orchid Camellia prefers rich acidic soil with good drainage. Furthermore, top dress your soil with compost or composted manure to keep your soil consistently high quality.

Water your new plantings regularly during the first growing season. 2-3 times per week in average weather. This will allow your plant to send its roots deeper into the soil. This will help to ensure its future success. During the second growing season, you can cut down on your supplementary watering to around 1-2 times per week in times of low rainfall.

Fertilize with a balanced acidic fertilizer in spring to encourage maximum bloom potential and growth. Otherwise, try an organic acidic fertilizer to promote your soil’s health.

If pruning to keep a desired size or shape, it’s best done in early spring before the new growth begins to emerge.

YouTube video

Check out another fantastic entry in this series, the October Magic Inspiration Camellia.

Scientific Name
Camellia sasanqua Green 94-035 PP#20465
, , , , ,
Average Size
4-5 feet H x 3-4 feet W
Bloom Season
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8 reviews for October Magic® Orchid™ Camellia (Sasanqua)

  1. Kevin Burns (verified owner)

    Originally purchased three of this camellia variety in summer of 2022 as the last of my home enhancement projects of 23 years. Unfortunately the hard zero degree temps in Deep South that winter were their demise- I was sick and yes like a big dummy didn’t get them covered quickly enough. It took till just now for grower to get back in stock – I have waited patiently for 5 or more months to reorder. Shipment arrived timely and well packaged. Looking forward to seeing them thrive again with beautiful pale pink whitish blooms. This camellia is one of the smallest growing camellias which made it perfect for my need.

  2. Jean Peters (verified owner)

    I had to order the smallest container as this was all that was available. I wish it was larger, but the plant is healthy and doing very well. Hopefully a year from now it will be a better size!

  3. John (verified owner)

    Love the beautiful white and pink blooms arrived in good condition repotted it and its doing much better and blooming

  4. John (verified owner)

    Plants were received in great shape. Were already beginning to bloom. Now they’re full of blooms a few days after planting.

  5. mastergardener6606 (verified owner)

    Arrived in great condition. Planted and has a nice bloom. Very pleased.

  6. Teresa Marshall (verified owner)

    It was great when I planted it in Oct 2020. Suddenly in August 2021 it turned brown. I reached out for advice from PBM when it started and was told it was fine that a few branches turned brown and it still was healthy. A week later everyleaf had turned brown. Then PBM decided it died because I didn’t water it, despite all the rain we’ve had plus having it on drip irrigation during dry spells. Two stars, for the plant and for the not so helpful advice and nasty attitude.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning again Ms Teri. You were treated with professionalism and kindness throughout the very long email exchange. I am sorry your plant died. I see no reason for the death, from the pictures you sent, other than it was baked and was supplied with insufficient water. Because it was purchased 11 months ago can not in any way be responsible for your plants decline. We wish you better fortune with plants in the future. – Christy

  7. Kristy (verified owner)

    My 4 plants arrived beautifully and expertly packaged. They are already loaded with blooms, and I can’t wait to see what happens!

  8. hmsb27 (verified owner)

    I love this camellia. It had so many beautiful flowers on it last year. I thought maybe a couple would bloom the first year I planted it, but it had at least 10-12 flowers on it. I can’t wait to get some more this fall or winter.

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