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October Magic® Pink Perplexion™ Camellia (Sasanqua)

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About October Magic® Pink Perplexion™ Camellia (Sasanqua)

To baffle and amaze, the Southern Living Plant Collection presents the perfectly puzzling October Magic Pink Perplexion Camellia! Aptly named, the Perplexion’s blooms are as mystifying as they are beautiful. Their stunning pink double blooms prove difficult to pin down as one particular shade. However, they resemble the blooms of the Camellia Japonica, Pink Perfection. While the warm weather bloomers are settling down for the winter, the Pink Perplexion reignites the landscape with an awe-inspiring display of luscious pink hues!

The October Magic Pink Perplexion Camellia features the type of foliage that you’ve come to expect from Camellia sasanqua. Each leaf is dark green, leathery, semi-glossy, and serrated on the edges. Furthermore, this evergreen foliage is remarkably consistent.

This Camellia is a semi-dwarf that tends to a rounded, compact growth, making maintenance simple and infrequent.

The October Magic Pink Perplexion matures to about 4-5′ H and 4-5′ W. Therefore, this Sasanqua camellia is perfect for use as an accent, border, container planting, or hedge.

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October Magic Pink Perplexion Camellia Care

Hardy in USDA Zones 7-9, down to 0°F once fully established.

Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade for best results. In the Southern United States, try to plant it where it will receive direct sun all morning and shade in the afternoon.

During the first growing season, water 2-3 times per week. Decrease watering frequency to 1-2 times a week during the second growing season. Afterward, the October Magic Pink Perplexion Camellia rarely requires supplementary water.

Plant in rich acidic soil with good drainage. Additionally, top your soil with 3-4 inches of mulch to protect the roots from extreme temperature fluctuation.

Fertilize with a slow-release acidic plant fertilizer in early spring to keep your plant happy and healthy.

How To Space Your October Magic Pink Perplexion Camellia

For a seamless planting, plant your October Magic Pink Perplexion 3 feet apart. Alternatively, space them 6+ feet apart for gaps between plants.

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Common Name
October Magic® Pink Perplexion™ Camellia (Sasanqua)
Scientific Name
Camellia sasanqua 'Green 03-016' PP27334
USDA Zones
, , , , ,
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5 reviews for October Magic® Pink Perplexion™ Camellia (Sasanqua)

  1. Tessa

    Love the large variety of camellias carried by PBM. Some are very hard to find elsewhere.

  2. Beverly McCord (verified owner)

    Loved my experience with PBM, my plants arrived quickly, healthy, and are taking off.

  3. mastergardener6606 (verified owner)

    Received in great condition with many buds. Great value.

  4. Patricia Burns (verified owner)

    Terrific pink camellia with buds already set. Dark green leaves and very healthy plant. Love the way PBM promptly sends me such great plants.

  5. Karen (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants 🌱
    Loved that my plants where getting watered and the soil was maintained in the pots while being shipped 😊
    After a few weeks they are getting new growth and I can’t hardly wait until they bloom 🌸

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