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Perky-Pet Grand Master Hummingbird Feeder – 48 oz


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About Perky-Pet Grand Master Hummingbird Feeder – 48 oz

Are you in search of a high-quality hummingbird feeder large enough to host numerous birds at once? The Perky-Pet Grand Master Feeder is a shatter proof nectar feeder that holds a total of 48oz and is capable of allowing 6 birds to perch and feed at once! This large-capacity feeder truly is the granddaddy of all Hummingbird feeders.

The base features high quality molded plastic that is sure to be leak resistant even under the toughest conditions and 6 yellow flower shaped ports that snap into place for easy feeding.

How To Clean Your Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds prefer fresh, clean feeding stations. In order to provide your hummers with that ideal feeding station Perky Pet has designed the Grand Master feeder to be easy to disassemble. The base and bottle simply unscrew from each other, and the feeding ports pop out for easy cleaning. Clean your feeder at least once per week with a mild soap and water to prevent mildew buildup.

Where Should You Not Hang a Hummingbird Feeder?

It is tempting to hang your feeder near windows to that you can enjoy watching these cute creatures, but you must be careful of the placement. Hummingbirds are known to exhibit signs of aggression, especially when feeding and the glass window may lead to numerous collisions as they ward off others.

To further protect your feeder and provide the hummingbirds with nectar you will want to place your Grand Master Hummingbird Feeder in a part sun and part shade location. Extreme periods of sunlight and heat can cause nectar to ferment in just a few hours.

Perky Pet Grand Master Hummingbird Feeder Details

  • Extra-large reservoir holds up 48oz of nectar
  • Six flower ports to allow multiple hummingbirds to feed and rest
  • Wide mouth for easy, no spill refills
  • Shatter proof plastic


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