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Pink Pearl Azalea

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About Pink Pearl Azalea

The Pink Pearl Azalea is a prolific spring-blooming Kurume hybrid rhododendron. This selection produces beautiful soft-pink single form bloomsEvergreen foliage emerges as a light green before maturing to an emerald hue.

The Pink Pearl Azalea is considered a dwarf variety and matures to 3-4′ H x 4-5′ W. Try it in a container, hedge, mass planting, border, or mixed bed.

Plant it with contrasting color and texture plants for maximum effect, such as the Soft Caress Mahonia or Mojo Pittosporum

Pink Pearl Azalea Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 6-9

Plant in Partial Sun for best results.  Filtered Sun for much of the day or 2-3 hours of direct sun a day is sufficient. Too much sun will stress the plant, while too little sun will result in decreased foliage and bloom potential.

This rhododendron has only medium water requirements once established. For the first growing season, provide supplementary water 2-3 times a week in average weather conditions.

The Pink Pearl Azalea prefers acidic to neutral soil for best results. In addition, ensure that the soil drains well in order to avoid root rot.

Fertilize in early spring with a balanced acidic plant fertilizer. This will help ensure future growth and blooms, as well as promote the overall well-being of your plant.

Trim after the bloom cycle has ended. The Pink Pearl Azalea, like other yearly blooming rhododendrons, begins compiling the next years blooms after the end of the current years cycle. Trimming too late will decrease the amount of potential blooms for the next year.

Pink Pearl Azalea Spacing 

To create a seamless hedge we recommend planting 2′ Appart and to create individual shrubs plant at least 3-5′ apart

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Common Name
Pink Pearl Azalea
Scientific Name
Azalea x kurume 'Pink Pearl'
USDA Zones
, , , , , ,
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