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Power Planter Auger 3″x 12″



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About Power Planter Auger 3″x 12″

The Power Planter Auger provides the do-it-yourselfers with a professional tool that delivers professional results without having to pay the professionals or buy the large, bulky machines they often use! The handy 3″ x 12″ Power Planter Auger makes it a breeze to pull out of the shed quickly, lock it into any drill with a 3/8 ” or larger chuck, and begin digging –  saving you time, and money and, more importantly, reducing strain on your body. This is the perfect alternative to post-hole diggers and shovels for planting bulbs and other garden additions.

Having the right tool for the job is always the key to productivity and efficiency, so step away from the shovel and grab the power tools because our bulb-planting auger will quickly become your new favorite investment. Give your back a rest and grab the Power Planter drill power plant auger.

What Size Auger Do You Need for Planting?

While the garden auger you need will depend on the type of plants you are placing in your garden, it is also a matter of preference. Our 3″x 12″ auger is perfect for those who don’t mind getting down and dirty but, at the same time, can still benefit from no longer having to manually dig into hard soil and toss it aside for hours upon hours.

What Kind of Drill Is Needed for a Garden Auger?

The 3″x12″ Power Planter auger suits the standard electric or cordless drill. We recommend connecting the auger 3/8-inch non-slip hex drive to any cordless drill with 18v or greater output, and you’re ready to dig. If you invest in a longer auger, you may benefit from using/purchasing a drill with a side-mounted handle.

The minimum power requirements for the 12″ Power Planter auger are 14v in soft soil, but hardened and compacted soil may require 18v – 20v. Mass plantings and longer auger drill bits may benefit from using a drill with a side-mounted handle.

Do not use with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions, or sockets.

Power Planter Auger Specifications

  • 3/8″ non-slip hex drive
  • 5/8″ inch steel shaft
  • Double-edged tip for a quicker “bite” into the soil and faster digging
  • Effective against hard dirt, clay, rocky soil, and sand
  • Manufactured 100% in the USA


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