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Pure Blonde™ Liriope

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About Pure Blonde™ Liriope

Pure Blonde Liriope is a clumping ornamental grass with amazing foliage that stays blonde for up to 3 months, then slowly turns back to green to survive summer. If you cut back to the ground in July, it will re-shoot blonde in August to September. It's still tough, though the tips may burn in Full Sun or windy sites, the foliage will stay clean in shady positions. This Liriope is great to use in the landscape as a border, mass, or groundcover planting, and it could also be used as an attractive accent in a container garden in a sunny location.

Spacing Your Pure Blonde Liriope

For a close seamless planting, space your Pure Blonde Liriope 8-12 inches apart from plant center to plant center. For space between plantings, plant them 1+ foot apart.


Common Name
Pure Blonde™ Liriope
Scientific Name
Pure Blonde Liriope muscari Lirblonde
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Average Size
12" H x Clumping

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