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Red Double Knock Out Rose

(8 customer reviews)

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About Red Double Knock Out Rose

The Red Double Knock Out Rose has quickly become a favorite for gardeners all over the U.S. and beyond. From the same breed that created the original Knock Out Rose, the Double Knock Out packs twice the punch with twice the petals. Traditionally, each medium-sized bloom will range from 18-24 petals. From spring to fall, the Red Double Knock Out Rose produces velvety red double blooms that are deeply reminiscent of classic roses. These gorgeous blooms just keep on popping up for nearly the entire growing season, and they’re perfect for anyone looking for a truly reliable bloomer.  Additionally, purplish-green foliage creates an attractive display even without blooms. Furthermore, Knock Outs are self-cleaning, meaning that there’s no need to deadhead them, although you certainly can if you so desire.

*The Red Double Knock Out Rose is a deciduous/semi-evergreen plant and will go dormant during the winter months. When this plant is ordered during the Fall/Winter expect seasonal foliage decline(discoloration, spots, leaf drop) or the plant to arrive completely dormant.*

Red Double Knock Out Rose Care

These landscape shrub roses are hardy from USDA Zones 5-11. Once established, Red Doubles are generally low maintenance but will require some seasonal pruning and watering in dry spells. These Knock Outs perform best when planted in full sun to part shade in well-drained garden soil. With a mature height of 3-4 feet H x 3-4 feet Wide, this rose won’t engulf your entire garden.

Gardeners that prefer a carefree rose experience will appreciate the Double Knock Out Rose. For example, they’re naturally resistant to black spot, and they feature impressive winter hardiness. Some gardeners even just trim them back and fertilize them in spring and don’t touch them again until next year. A quality organic or granular rose fertilizer will help them get off on the right foot in spring.

Try them out as a colorful hedge or foundation planting, they’ll keep your landscapes full of blooms almost all growing season long. Conversely, plant them in a garden bed with annuals and perennials as a specimen plant.

Spacing Your Red Double Knock Out Rose 

Space Your Red Double Knock Out Rose 3 feet apart for best results.

YouTube video

Click Here for Information on Winter Rose Dormancy

Click Here for Information on Pruning Knock Outs from Southern Living

Scientific Name
Rosa 'Radtko'
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Average Size
4-5' H x 4-5' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season
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8 reviews for Red Double Knock Out Rose

  1. A SHORT (verified owner)

    I ordered 7 knock out roses and received them well packed. They were beautiful in the box, still blooming. Thanks.

  2. denisejm22 (verified owner)

    The rose bush arrived in excellent condition. It was filled with healthy leaves, several blooming roses, and a number of buds that have since opened. It looks beautiful in my flower garden. It was packaged very well for shipping.

  3. ssalgado12706 (verified owner)

    I received my red double knockout rose and was very disappointed at what I received. It was shipped in a oversized box and got damaged in transit.?

    • Team PBM

      Please reach out to customer service.

  4. Brandon Seager (verified owner)

    Roses shipped quickly and in great condition. Planted at the end of season, so fingers crossed they will be happy next year!

  5. Kristen (verified owner)

    My rose arrived at my home in WI from AL in bloom with black spot on the leaves. It has not adapted well to our cooler climate and currently has a lot of yellow leaves with minimal new growth. Disappointed.

  6. Dana McKinley (verified owner)

    Arrived in great shape and was well packaged. Each plant had blooms and looked very healthy. I could only get the smallest size as that’s all that was in stock. They are quite small but hopefully they stay healthy so they can grow and bloom again soon.

  7. Debbie Sales (verified owner)

    Very healthy plants that arrived very quickly! No harm in transit and thriving!

  8. Jessica Jackson (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 3 gallon knockout roses. They were shipped carefully and arrived in great condition. The leaves started turning yellow shortly after planting but I think it was from shipping shock. It’s been a few weeks now and they’re back to looking healthy and blooming like crazy. I’m very pleased.

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