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Romeo® Cleyera

(6 customer reviews)

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About Romeo® Cleyera

The Romeo Cleyera is a brand new addition to the Southern Living Plant Collection! This variegated Cleyera features leathery dark green leaves with buttery golden edges. These oval leaves typically measure from 2.5-4″ long, and come to a soft point on the end. Furthermore, this foliage remains remarkably eye-catching and evergreen all year long.

Fall and Winter sees the second act of the Romeo Cleyera’s foliage display. During these seasons, leaves take on a rosy pink to red hue. Consequently, this shrub adds a whole new dimension of interest when most of the landscape is hunkering down for a cold winter.

In addition to being a reliable beauty, this variegated Cleyera is naturally compact, with characteristically dense foliage. This ensures seamless foliage in whatever capacity you use it.

Need a privacy screen, but want something a little more exciting than traditional options? The Romeo Cleyera reaches 8-10′ H x 5-6′ W! So it’s perfect as a colorful privacy hedge or screen that is both beautiful and practical.

Try it as a hedge or mixed garden planting. A yearly trim in spring is sufficient to keep it neat, tidy, and the size you desire.

The Romeo Cleyera is noted to be particularly disease and pest resistant, as well as heat tolerant. Therefore, this shrub is perfect for Southern gardens.

Romeo Cleyera Care

Plant in USDA Zones 7-10.

This variegated Cleyera prefers Full Sun to Part Shade.

Well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH will produce the best results. The Romeo Cleyera needs good drainage to avoid root rot.

Water regularly after planting. Traditionally 2-3 times a week is sufficient, with additional waterings being necessary in dry and hot conditions. During this time, check the soil to ensure that it isn’t drying out or staying soggy. Adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Continue this watering regimen for the first growing season to get this variegated Cleyera off on the right foot!

Fertilize in early spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to ensure optimal health. To encourage faster growth speed, reapply fertilizer every few months according to your fertilizer’s instructions.

Spacing Your Romeo Cleyera 

For a seamless planting, space your Romeo Cleyera 4 feet apart from plant center to plant center. For space between plantings, plant them 7+ feet apart.

Check out Romeo’s counterpart, the Juliet Cleyera.

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Scientific Name
Cleyera japonica 'variegata'
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
8-10' H x 5-6' W
Bloom Season

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6 reviews for Romeo® Cleyera

  1. JZ (verified owner)

    Plants were packed well & healthy

  2. Ellebee (verified owner)

    Healthy plant. Price was a little high.

  3. Anna Jessen (verified owner)

    I ordered five Romeo Cleyera and really like them. They are lovely and very healthy looking. Jim’s Putnam’s HortTube is excellent and really helped me decide what to get.

  4. Henk Boute (verified owner)

    Beautiful healthy plant upon arrival, as always nicely carefully boxed!

  5. jubilee131 (verified owner)

    I was notified when the plants were in stock. They were shipped promptly and arrived in good condition.

  6. Bob Harthcock (verified owner)

    The eleven two-gallon pots of Romeo Cleyera were in wonderful shape! The individual packing of each plant to contain soil spillage and to help moisture retention was very good. The plants came in two days and were ready for a drink but were still moist. I was very happy with the price. I would definitely buy these plants again and from Plants By Mail. Thanks again.

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