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Saucy™ Red Salvia

(8 customer reviews)

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About Saucy™ Red Salvia

The Saucy Red Salvia is a species of flowering plants that is native to Central America, South America and in the southeastern US. Many people cultivate scarlet sage as an ornamental plant all around the world due to the beautiful red blooms that form in the late spring and into early fall.

If you are looking for a fresh look in your garden or maybe are looking to attract wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds this is a popular choice. The bright red/orange hues are highly attractive to hummingbirds, and they are sure to love this addition. With the proper pairing of flowers, you can create a fun and rewarding garden that will make butterflies and hummingbirds happy for years to come. As you can probably tell from our previous statement… salvia plants are perennials. These are also plants that are very easy to care for might we add!

Will My Salvia Survive the Winter?

Once they have been planted and have settled into the soil, they will return for years to come. Perennial salvias are easy to care for and they do not require any special care during the winter months. This particular Salvia plant remains hardy in  USDA zones 9b- 10b.

Spacing Your Saucy Red Salvia 

Plant Your Saucy Red Salvia 1.5-2.5 feet apart for a seamless plantisng. Otherwise, Space plants 24-36 inches apart to allow for vigorous growth. Or, for an impressive planting more quickly.

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Common Name
Saucy™ Red Salvia
Scientific Name
Salvia splendens
, , ,
Average Size
2-3' H X 2-3' W
Bloom Season
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8 reviews for Saucy™ Red Salvia

  1. Pete (verified owner)

    Good plants but you can’t get any because they are out of stock.

    • Christy Miller

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, our inventory is limited at this time of year. My deepest apologies. – Christy

  2. Beverly (verified owner)

    Very bright red flowers, saw these on Jim Putnam ‘s show

  3. Raleigh (verified owner)

    Beautiful ! Blooming when arrived. Will definitely use this company for future plant orders.

  4. candylloyd1610 (verified owner)

    Great plants well packed and doing well

  5. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Best flower ever! Bought these salvias for 3 or 4 years. Nothing like anything anywhere. They grow huge and beautiful. Amazing!

  6. Vivian Kirby (verified owner)

    I ordered 7 plants by mail. UPS was supposed to deliver them to my home. However, all UPS did was leave a message on my door saying they couldn’t deliver the plants without my signature. I called UPS and told them I had signed the delivery message giving my permission to have the plants delivered to my door even if no one was home. They promised they’d deliver the plants to my door within 1 or 2 business days. Well, an entire week has gone by and no plants were delivered. They must be dead by now due to absence of sunlight and water! Don’t order from this company!

    • Steve

      We spoke with this customer and provided a full refund for the dead plants. Unfortunately, we do not have control over how UPS conducts business and interacts with households, but we do make sure that no customer is left with boxes full of dead plants.

  7. MARGARITAVALDEZ44 (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant in bloom out of the box. Bright red blooms and fast growing foliage.

  8. tedraulmer (verified owner)

    Just received this Friday, and blooms are ready to open…can’t wait to see what butterflies and hummingbirds will think. These are beautiful, compact, and healthy foliage, ready to go for our hot West Texas summer.

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