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Skyscraper® Senecio

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About Skyscraper® Senecio

Like Blue Chalksticks, on steroids. Senecio Skyscraper is a strong, upright grower, reaching 2-3’ in one growing season. No staking or support necessary. Fabulous new structural component for succulent gardens. Can be used as a house plant.

Skyscraper® Senecio Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 10-11. However, there is a simple solution for gardeners in Zones 8 and below: Plant the Skyscraper® Senecio in a pot and bring it indoors for the winter. Place it in a sunny window and return it outside once the threat of frost passes in the spring.

Requires Full Sun to Partial Shade for best results.

Water 1-2 times per week during the first growing season if planted in the ground. However, water 2-3 times per week if planted in a container.

Senecio plants don’t need much fertilizer to thrive. However, apply a liquid houseplant fertilizer in spring to ensure that it has all of the nutrients it needs.

Skyscraper® Senecio Spacing Recommendations

Plant your Senecio  ~2 feet apart for a seamless planting. Space them 4+ feet apart for gaps between clumps.

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Scientific Name
Senecio ficoides 'Mount Everest' PP22188
Average Size
3-4' H x 1.5' W
Bloom Season

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