Star Jasmine Vine (Large-Leaf)

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About Star Jasmine Vine (Large-Leaf)

The Star Jasmine Vine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), also know as Confederate Jasmine, is a true gardening classic! This vine is beloved for its gorgeous crisp-white pinwheel blooms in late spring to summer. These flowers are delightfully fragrant with a fantastic jasmine scent, reminiscent of Gardenias.

This is an evergreen selection that features shiny, dark-green oval leaves. It’s a fast-growing variety, but it needs support for climbing. Simply secure it to your structure in a few places and over time it will take to it beautifully. It’s a great choice for arbors or trellises where it’s able to create a timelessly stunning display. Create an impenetrable and eye-catching privacy screen of foliage by planting it on a trellis-fence.

Left untrained, it will grow as a groundcover. This is great for large spaces that you don’t want to worry about maintaining. Simply plant several of them (enough to cover the space) and let them do their thing. As they grow together they will choke out weeds that might attempt to sprout beneath them.

At maturity, it’s capable of reaching 25-30 feet long, with numerous vines coming from each plant.

Star Jasmine Care

It’s hardy from USDA Zones 7B-10. We recommend providing overnight coverage during hard-freezes during its first winter in your landscape.

It grows in Full Sun to Partial Shade. Full Sun results in more flowers, however, it also may take on more foliage stress by the end of summer.

Water your new planting 2-3 times per week for the first growing season. During the second season, provide supplementary water 1-2 times weekly. More water is necessary in times of high heat and drought.

This cultivar grows best in slightly acidic to neutral soil, between 6.0 and 7.0.

Fertilize in spring with a balanced slow-release fertilizer to promote new growth.

How To Plant:

  1. Find a suitable planting location for your new vine based on the growing specifications listed above.
  2. Dig a hole that is roughly 3 times as wide as the root ball of your plant.
    • By digging a wider hole, it’s easier for your new plant’s roots to spread. 
    • The hole only needs to be deep enough that your plant sits even with the natural ground around it. Don’t plant it any deeper than this. However, it can be planted in a shallower hole if you are concerned about slow drainage in your planting location. If this is the case, plant it so that it sits roughly 3-4 inches above the native ground and mound soil around the base.
  3. Mix your native soil with some rich gardening soil, composted manure, or soil conditioner.
    • This will enrich the soil and increase your plant’s chances of success.
  4. Backfill the hole with your soil mixture around your plant. Gently pat the soil down with your hands.
    • Now is also a good time to fertilize your plant. For this species, we recommend a slow-release balanced fertilizer. However, avoid using liquid fertilizer on new plantings. 
    • This is also a great time to apply mulch. 3-4 inches of wood mulch around the base of your plant will help it retain more moisture and protect its roots from extreme temperatures (important for hotter USDA Zones, such as 8 and up).
  5. Soak your new planting with a hose to hydrate your plant and settle the soil.
  6. For Climbing: Now secure your vine to whatever structure you want it to climb using some sort of vine clip, twist tie, wire, etc. Once it has grown another foot or two, secure it again to your structure in a few additional spots. Once it has taken to the new structure over time, it will not need any more assistance adhering to the structure.

Spacing Your Star Jasmine Vine

If using as a ground cover plant space 3-4 feet apart. If using as a trellis plant space 2-3 feet apart.

Popular Companion Plants:

  • Create a Jasmine-scented, white-blooming garden. Plant it with the Jubilation Gardenia and Fragrant Tea Olive.
  • Plant it with other climbing vines that bloom at different times to extend your flower season. The Carolina Jessamine is a non-aggressive vine that won’t choke out the Confederate Jasmine, or vice-versa.
  • We love planting them with pyramidal evergreens like Juniper Trees. Either in front of them as a mat or behind them on a trellis wall. Their naturally refined growth habit contrasts unbelievably well with this elegant vine. Otherwise, try it with a similarly elegant tree, the Italian Cypress.

Why Buy Star Jasmine Vines from Us?

We carefully mature our plants into their pots and ship them only when they’re ready to go. All of our plants are shipped with soil in the pots that they were grown in. We never ship anything bare-root. We don’t guarantee that they will be in bloom on arrival, however, we guarantee that you will receive a healthy specimen that is ready to perform to your expectations in your landscape over its lifetime. If you aren’t happy with your order, give us a call at 1-866-618-5659 or send us an email at [email protected] We’ll get back with you as soon as we can, and we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

Common Name
Star Jasmine Vine (Large-Leaf)
Scientific Name
Trachelospermum jasminoides
USDA Zones
, , , , , ,
Sun Exposure

3 reviews for Star Jasmine Vine (Large-Leaf)

  1. rtorre02 (verified owner)

    My two Jasmine vines arrived healthy in well packaged containers. I’m going to train these up a trellis onto my pergola. Two thumbs up!

  2. Gail Kenney (verified owner)

    I was thrilled with my Jasmine order,. A very healthy large plant.

  3. Eve

    They came in with a bunch of flowers and buds in great condition! Now still thriving!

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