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Stars and Stripes Pentas

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About Stars and Stripes Pentas

The Stars and Stripes Pentas is a prolific scarlet red flower with pink centers are a hummingbird paradise. Lush dark green and white variegated foliage. Grows 1-2' H with a clumping habit.

Spacing Your Stars & Stripes Pentas 

For a seamless planting, plant your Stars & Stripes Pentas 1.5-2.5 feet apart from plant center to plant center. For space between plantings, plant them 12-18 inches apart.

Planting Instructions

  • water before planting
  • plant in full sun
  • dig hole 3X the width of pot
  • backfill and plant 1"-2" above soil level
  • water and add more soil if needed
  • mulch plants
  • Apply a slow-release fertilizer yearly in Spring

Common Name
Stars and Stripes Pentas
Scientific Name
Pentas Lanceolata Stars & Stripes™
, , , ,
Average Size
1-2' H x Mounding
Sun Exposure

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