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SunHosta™ Hosta

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About SunHosta™ Hosta

SunHosta™ is a medium-size variegated hosta with trumpet-shaped pale pink blooms that attract hummingbirds. It performs best in the full sun and the hot, humid conditions of the Southeast. It’s hardy from USDA Zone 4 all the way to USDA Zone 10. It can be planted like a traditional hosta in the North, but really shines when it’s planted in the sunny humid conditions of the South East, thriving in Central Florida’s humid conditions.

In order for SunHosta™ to show its bright green leaves with wide, creamy yellow-white margins, it needs full sun. Unlike traditional hostas that prefer shade, this is a full sun hosta. Without the full sun, its white margins will be far thinner and less impressive.

SunHosta has very low cold requirements compared to other hosta varieties. It will stay vegetative under short days during winter months in subtropical regions. In other regions that do experience occasional freezes, the plants will go dormant during winter, reemerging as larger plants as early as April.

The disease and drought tolerance of this hosta make it even more attractive for landscapers, who can use it more like a hardy tropical in warmer regions. A terrific plant for containers, water gardens, or use its glossy textures to provide contrast in a garden bed.

SunHosta™ Hosta Care

This hosta does particularly well in full sun, unlike other hostas. Hostas prefer neutral or acidic soil but prefer a well-aerated medium for best growth.

If grown in fairly fertile soil, you don’t need to fertilize it. If you want to use fertilizer, choose a well-balanced fertilizer during the vegetative period. No pruning necessary, but remove yellowed, dead, or damaged leaves. Also, you can deadhead stalks after the blooms wilt.

SunHosta™ Spacing Recommendations

We suggest spacing SunHosta 12″ apart to create a dense look or space 15″ apart to allow space between the plants.

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Scientific Name
Hosta hybrid cultivar ‘HOST SUN 08’
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Average Size
2'H x 2.5' W
Bloom Season
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1 review for SunHosta™ Hosta

  1. Theresa MacNaughton

    If you have not tried SunHosta, then I recommend you try some. Last year, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and most of the fine private nurseries I shop at had this plant. It’s price ranged from five to ten dollars. It is January tenth, and the plant is still growing like as if it’s the middle of summer. I live in Pensacola and it has gotten down to 33°. All of my other Hostas have turned brown and are waiting for spring to come back. I have a hosta garden with over 40 hostas I have collected around the country, and this hosta is a pleasant surprise. I bought about 10 of these plants and I have given them to people in Pensacola,Tampa, and Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, and everybody’s plant is still growing just fine.

    • Team PBM

      What a great recommendation! Thank you! I love our Hostas too.

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