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Sunshine Ligustrum

(90 customer reviews)

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About Sunshine Ligustrum

The new Sunshine Ligustrum (Ligustrum sinense ‘Sunshine’ PP20379) from the Southern Living Plant Collection completely reinvents the traditional Privet! It’s coveted for its vibrant golden-yellow, evergreen foliage. This is a true landscaping treasure, and once you know it, you’ll recognize it wherever you see it. New growth emerges as a delicate lime green, which does a phenomenal job of awakening the landscape from its winter slumber. This foliage will continuously intensify as spring turns into summer, at which point they will be a gleaming shade of gold. The more sunlight they get, the better. More sun produces more yellow leaves, while less sun results in more yellow-green foliage.

This Ligustrum proves itself to be incredibly versatile. Its compact and upright form makes for a tremendous natural hedge, no pruning required! At maturity, it reaches only 3-4′ wide by 3-6′ tall.

Consequently, it also lends itself to trimming, if that’s more your speed. Shape this beauty into uniform hedges or small topiaries.

Furthermore, the Sunshine’s petite, oval leaves are perfect for shaping into hard edges. Try a mass planting for a truly impressive display.

Besides being a true beauty, this shrub is drought and heat tolerant, as well as deer resistant. In ideal conditions, it lives up to 30 years!

Sunshine Ligustrum Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 6-10. Therefore, once fully established, it’s capable of withstanding temperatures between -5° and -10° F.

Plant this variety in Full Sun, with 6+ hours being preferable.

Ensure that your plant has well-draining soil. Ligustrum are particularly susceptible to root rot from standing water. Water new plantings 2-3 times per week for the first growing season to help them establish deep root systems.

Fertilize with a slow-release, balanced fertilizer yearly in spring. Alternatively, use a balanced organic fertilizer coupled with a layer of compost to get your plants off on the right foot.

How to Plant:

  1. First, determine your planting location(s) for your Sunshine Ligustrum.
  2. Then, dig a hole three times the width of your plant’s rootball.
    • The hole should be deep enough that the top of the plant’s root ball is even with or slightly above the ground.
  3. Mix your native soil with a bag or two of rich garden soil or composted manure to provide additional nutrients for your growing plant.
    • If your soil is clay-rich, we recommend mixing pine bark in with your native soil at a ratio of about 1:1. This helps to improve the drainage and breathability around the plant’s roots.
  4. Fill the hole back in around your plant with your soil mixture.
    • Afterward, we recommend applying 3-4 inches of wood mulch around the base of your plant to help it retain moisture.
  5. Soak your new planting to settle the soil and hydrate your plant.

Spacing Recommendations

Plant 2 to 2.5 feet apart for a seamless planting. For space between each plant, plant 4+ feet apart.

Winter Care

  • We recommend providing overnight coverage during hard freezes for the first growing season. In future winters, it will be more prepared to deal with the cold weather in your area.
    • Cover it with a freeze cloth, blanket, or tarp overnight when temperatures are most extreme and there is no sun to warm the plant. Remove the cover in the morning. If you’re going to have multiple days of sub-freezing temperatures, just leave the cover on the ground in front of or next to your plant and place it back over the plant the next night.
  • Some leaf drop may occur in winter, however, new growth will replace it in spring.
  • If you’re planning on pruning/trimming your plant, wait until the threat of frost has passed in spring.

Popular Companion Plants

  • Sunshine contrasts with other plants very easily. Therefore, it’s simple to put together a fantastic display with it. Try it with the Purple Diamond Loropetalum. Both of these varieties have characteristically bold foliage that will really POP when planted together. Otherwise, plant it with an Oakland Holly Tree. The Oakland’s statuesque growth provides a reliable and attractive accent.
  • It also looks great when paired nearly all Encore Azaleas. The Autumn Fire Encore Azalea, in particular, is a dynamite companion. It has dark foliage and bold red blooms that contrasts beautifully with the petite yellow leaves.

Still need some inspiration? Check out this Southern Living Plant Collection Garden Project featuring the Orange Rocket Barberry.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is the Sunshine Ligustrum Invasive?”

No! This plant is sterile. Therefore, it won’t flower or reproduce in your landscape. This is also good news for allergy sufferers that normally fall victim to ligustrum pollen.

“If it isn’t invasive like other Privet/Ligustrum, can it be shipped to Tennessee?”

Unfortunately, no. Although this plant isn’t invasive, it is still not legal for it to be shipped to Tennessee.

“Is Sunshine Ligustrum Deer Resistant?”

Sort of. It’s certainly not a deer’s preferred meal, however, it isn’t deer-proof. If a starving deer comes through your yard, it may still decide to munch on your Sunshine. Very few plants are genuinely safe from a particularly hungry deer. Boxwoods are one of the few exceptions, as deer tend to find them repulsive.

“Why is my plant more lime-green than yellow?”

New, fresh growth tends to be more lime-green before maturing to yellow, so this could be the issue. However, if the growth isn’t new, oftentimes it’s because your plant isn’t getting enough sun. Try to provide at least 4 hours of direct sunlight. All-day filtered sun can work as well if the sunlight is very lightly filtered.

“One part of my plant is growing dark green.”

This is rare but it does happen from time to time. This plant was selectively cultivated from the traditional Ligustrum sinense to have the gorgeous color and compact growth habit that it’s known for. However, since it still has the original plants genetics in it, every once in a while, a branch may start to exhibit the traditional dark green color. If this happens, it’s easily fixed. Simply snip the green branch at its base, where it meets up with the correct yellow-leafed stems. The plant will fill in around it with the correct growth.

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Why Buy Sunshine Ligustrum Online from

We love the Sunshine Ligustrum and we know you will too. We carefully grow these beauties to ensure they’re happy and healthy. Then, we pick out the best ones, carefully package them, and ship them straight to you. Not happy with your order? Contact us at 1-866-618-5659 or email us at [email protected]. We’ll quickly address your case and do whatever we can to make it right.

Scientific Name
Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine' PP20379
, , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
3-4' wide by 3-6' tall
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season

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90 reviews for Sunshine Ligustrum

  1. Sue (verified owner)

    We bought 8. 3 in one order and then ordered 5 more. ALL were well packaged and arrived in great shape. All plants were very healthy and still moist. Fast shipping too. Highly recommend.

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plants and quick delivery.

  3. Shruti (verified owner)

    All six plants arrived extremely well packed and very healthy and delivery was fast even though I am in CA. I wouldn’t buy plants from anywhere even from my local nursery, because big difference in quality of plants . Placed another order . Thank you PBM.

  4. Marcus Boutte (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations. Plants arrived on time and in good shape. Will definitely order from here again

  5. Beverly Asleson (verified owner)

    Received my plant in good condition moist I waited a couple days before planting in the ground just wish shipping wasn’t so expensive $25 for 2 plants so I only got 1 plant shipping was $12.

  6. Linda Longmire (verified owner)

    The sunshine ligustrum arrived perfectly packed, healthy and beautiful! This is my second order with Plants By Mail and I will order again.

  7. Michele Stark (verified owner)

    beautiful plants. very healthy and came out of the pot easily. They will brighten up the various sections of the the flower bed nicely.

  8. Brian

    Came in great shape

  9. Pat Murphy (verified owner)

    First time customer and bought 6. Delivered in Houston in perfect shape. Their prices are very competitive and delivered to my door!

  10. lhasapoo (verified owner)

    I ordered two of the 2.5 quart size. The plants arrived quickly and in good condition.

  11. Shelley Hocking (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous and arrived in perfect condition.

  12. Jimmy Williams (verified owner)

    Plants arrived quickly and pretty good condition. Unfortunately, FedEx didn’t take the time to follow the packaging instructions with keeping the arrows pointing up. A lot of the soils was dumped inside of the boxes. But the plants went in the ground as soon as they arrived so I no issues with the plants as of yet.

  13. Dora Elkabachi (verified owner)

    I had ordered another round of these a few weeks, and I was pleasantly surprised. When ordering be mindful of your climate, the time of year and size of the plant. I waited til our heat drought had passed and graduated to a 2 gallon and they are so beautiful! It was worth every penny.

    • Team PBM

      Very wise words. Thank you for being mindful of the weather. It makes a big difference. – CHristy

  14. JZ (verified owner)

    Plants were packed well & healthy

  15. Mandy Tydlaska

    Plants were in excellent shape. Very impressed!

  16. Lyn McGee (verified owner)

    I order 10. Shipment/Packaging couldn’t have been better. They arrived a lot sooner than I expected. They were very healty and doing great.

  17. Glenn Sutherland (verified owner)

    Plant looks very healthy. I ordered one of these last year and it has been fantastic

  18. Allana Lee Essary

    I ordered 7 of these plants last spring. I was excited to receive them because I too had purchased a beautiful one of the same variety at a Walmart. I was sadly disappointed when my shipment arrived. These plants were not even close to the same size or condition as the one I purchased at Walmart. I planted them in the ground in hopes they would flourish as my other one has. 5 of them are doing ok. 2 of them have died after struggling from the moment they were planted. Needless to say I am quite disappointed in my first experience ordering from this company. Now I’m left with the dilemma of what to put in the place of those 2 plants that did not survive as they were all placed along the front of my porch and were intended to be a consistent row of plants. Will I order from this company again? Probably not. I didn’t get the quality of plant that I felt I paid for.

  19. jlkakaley (verified owner)

    This is the first year I have ordered plants online. I am very impressed with the size of the plants I received and the very careful packaging. This one arrived looking like it had frozen while in transit. They promptly sent me a new one!

  20. J Hanley (verified owner)

    The plant was shipped so beautifully and carefully and in great shape. It is so worth the shipping from across the country. I’m definitely buying planta from PBM again. I’m so happy with the entire process.

  21. Larry Geiger (verified owner)

    The plants arrived right on time and in really good shape. I planted them right away and they look beautiful and are a beautiful addition to my landscaping. Very satisfied overall.

  22. stackm1020 (verified owner)

    I have placed 2 order now with PBM and I can’t believe the plants look so good from shipping. Great job PBM!

  23. Ann Kime (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy plants arrived quickly in perfect condition packed in specialty boxes. Planted mid November and they are thriving in December.

  24. Dalr (verified owner)

    A beautiful plant to add color to your landscape. These folks know how to ship plants, arrived in perfect condition.

  25. Dale (verified owner)

    A beautiful plant to add color to your landscape. These folks know how to ship plants, arrived in perfect condition.

  26. Nancy Hunt (verified owner)

    Plant and rootball arrived in excellent condition very soon after placing my order. Planted immediately and is doing well.

  27. Twila Dawn Schatz Black (verified owner)

    I am sad to report that this will probably be my final order with They have wonderful products, but the shipping has become quite sloppy. I recently ordered 3 of the largest Sunshine Ligustrums. Two of the plants were placed in the shipping container upside down without the tabs (to prevent movement) pushed in. Sadly, the tops were broken stems, some completely crushed. I have been working to resurrect them. Customer service didn’t seems to trust my account of this. I hope that they take a serious look at their shipping department quality.

  28. Liz vino (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants arrived in perfect condition! Look great with the compact holly I ordered also.

  29. debby (verified owner)

    Very pleasantly surprised that these were such beautiful plants! And in perfect condition. Have told all my friends about this convenience and how beautifully shipped they were. Thank you. I’ll be ordering again!

  30. Matthew Nestander (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants that arrived in great condition.

  31. Diane Birchfield (verified owner)

    I’ve placed a few orders with PlantsByMail now and I’ve been pleased every time. The packaging got my plants here safely.

    The sunshine ligustrum is beautiful and healthy! I need to order more!

  32. candylloyd1610 (verified owner)

    Beautiful foliage, well packed and is growing great in the garden.

  33. John (verified owner)

    Two plants of four were crushed when they arrived. The shipping box was crushed. One other died a few days after planting. Several were very small. Most were nice size and seem to be growing.

  34. Okim Wood (verified owner)

    I ordered 6 of 2Gallon sunshine Ligustrum April 2021, replaced with dead plants, I am very pleased way packed and plants are moist and healty. I am very happy and ready to order 6more adding bright lime green colors to my garden…

  35. Lisa (verified owner)

    Ordered 7 Sunshine Ligustrums. Upon arrival, two were completely out of their containers and soil were everywhere in the box. None of the plastic bags were tied up. Much of the leaves felt off, but one is dying with dried up leaves. I emailed pictures and requested a replacement of the one dying plant. Christy responded and told me the Ligustrum is out of stock, then she went ahead and refunded me. I checked their website, the ligustrum I ordered is still in stock. So I asked to place another order and requested to waive the shipping charge. I think this is a legitimate request, but I never heard from Christy again. She’s never apologized about the plants arrived damaged nor the wrong information regarding inventory. All in all, I am more disappointed about their customer service than the condition of the plants arrived in.

    • Team PBM

      Ms Yang, You emailed me on April 19th asking for a replacement. At that time I had none to send you. I refunded your purchase price in full in a lovely email the following morning. You acknowledged the refund on April 21st. Despite your continued emails this matter has been sufficiently and quickly resolved. If you wish to make an additional order you can do so at any time. I do hope you can find closure in this matter. – Christy

  36. Christie B (verified owner)

    I’ve bought 4 Sunshine Ligustrums this year and am pleased with all of them. They are growing well and add yellow brightness to my garden!

  37. Carol Dodd (verified owner)

    Ordered 17 Sunshine Ligustrum, 3-gallon plants. All of these beautiful yellow bushes arrived healthy, except one. It looks like it’s dying with brown, leafless branches. I have sent pictures with an email to Plants by Mail and am awaiting a reply. These shrubs are for a hedge so it’s important that every plant is healthy and about the same size when planted.

  38. Gigi (verified owner)

    The only downside is the sizes of the Sunshine Ligustrums varies which could be expected with online purchase. A couple of them came upside down due to delivery vendor problem.

  39. Martha (verified owner)

    Plants had dropped so many leaves in the box and looked sickly. I found the same plant at Walmart (same grower & size) and bought 1 to send in with a pic to show why I was upset and the customer service lady said it was good I could find plants nearby instead of trying to fix the problem. I have never had any customer service rep suggest something like this. I sent pics and still was not asked what they could do about it and then she got sarcastic thanking me for my kind words. Really? This was a bad experience and do to how this was not handled I will not purchase here again.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning again Ms Motley. I believe what you mistook as sarcasm was a bit of sadness with well intended hopeful kindness. You received 6 healthy plants that deserve kindness and love.

      I do hope you have a nice day.


  40. ericrgrant (verified owner)

    I love these! Arrived healthy and responding very well since planting.

  41. Claire Ellerbe (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with this purchase. The plants were all healthy and arrived well-packaged. They have new growth and are looking great! Wonderful customer service too.

    • Team PBM

      Thank you for your kind words and for being our customer!

  42. Ron Springate (verified owner)

    Arrived on time and in very good condition.
    Bright and healthy plants!

  43. chdahlke (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and in good shape. I’ve placed them in the landscape and cannot wait to see them grow!

  44. mbtyson43 (verified owner)

    When I opened the box containing this healthy plant, I was overjoyed. But, I’m waiting to order larger (2 gallon) plants and feel secure that the plants will be in great shape.

  45. Barbara P (verified owner)

    Arrived in excellent condition and planted immediately. It looks beautiful

  46. Rebecca Hoyos (verified owner)

    Fast and fresh delivery

  47. fulmerwillis (verified owner)

    This plant is so bright it is almost glowing. It looks fantastic in the front yard along the driveway. Easy to care for – just plant and enjoy!

  48. mastergardener6606 (verified owner)

    Great plant and will plant in a container to start. Arrived well packaged and quickly.

  49. James Robbins (verified owner)

    Compliments purple.

  50. Kimberly Campbell

    All plants arrived in excellent packaging and were in wonderful condition. I now only order mail order plants from Plants by Mail. The prices for Ligustrums on this site are priced less than any local shop. These shrubs have become one of my favorite shrubs, they are doing remarkably well in our SC soil. I love the bright color to mix in with areas of a lot of green and best of all the deer leave these alone.

  51. Norman J Bartee (verified owner)

    All of my plants shipped in their wonderful boxes were in GREAT shape! Thanks a bundle! They have settled in quite good! I love them and will order more!!$

  52. don (verified owner)

    Healthly hardy plant shipped sturdily. Plant thriving after two weeks.

  53. Ann Kammerer (verified owner)

    Gorgeous sunny color. Arrived quickly and in great condition with excellent packaging.

  54. Norman Bartee (verified owner)

    Thanks for the beautiful plants that were not dead or wilted! they were here before I was ready to plant them, but I did. I planted them in front of my loropetalum. They look GREAT together! I Will order more, so be ready!!$

  55. Jeannine Sindlinger (verified owner)

    Very happy with these plants, very healthy and look great in my containers. The plants were packaged very well for shipping. Very pleased.

  56. mkchan25 (verified owner)

    So impressed with PBM and these shrubs! As always I received healthy full-size items. Mine are growing in a natural cone shape which works good as foundation anchors.

  57. Sonya Powell

    I ordered over (30) ligustrum plants. They all arrived very quickly and packaged well. All of the plants are beautiful and growing well in my front yard.

  58. Jennifer Jones (verified owner)

    These arrived in great shape. I haven’t had them planted for long, but no problems so far.

  59. Glenn Sutherland (verified owner)

    Plant was large and healthy.

  60. RK (verified owner)

    The plant was very beautiful out of the box. Very happy with the purchase.

  61. zibelin (verified owner)

    These were packed perfectly. Not a single broken branch. I could not have hand picked plants that would have pleased me any more than these did.

  62. caree01 (verified owner)

    Very nice plant! Packed very well, arrived with moist soil and undamaged. This is my 2nd purchase and highly recommend Plants by Mail.

  63. Joyce W (verified owner)

    Purchased 7 of the 2 gallon Sunshine Ligustrum plants, ordering them in two separate orders! Both orders came in looking big and beautiful and very healthy!! Already a nice yellow green shade! Will be ordering from you again!

  64. Catherine (verified owner)

    These plants arrived healthy and vigorous. They add lovely bright spots to my yard. I have planted some in a group and others singly and all look great and add visual interest to the yard. Very happy with this purchase.

  65. Carolyn Duncan (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this company, all plants are very healthy and can’t wait to order more!

  66. Jana Harris (verified owner)

    I would definitely order from Plants By Mail again! These bushes came in great shape and a good size for the money.

  67. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Healthy plants on arrival at my home. Plants are thriving since planting. Very pleased with customer service.

  68. Bernadette

    Very pleased with delivery. Will order again.

  69. Harry Ortiz (verified owner)

    Spectacular, golden jewel! The Sunshine Ligustrum I received was larger and fuller than I was expecting. It glows in my garden. I could not be happier than my purchase from Plantbymail!

  70. Sandra Bartholomew (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in great condition and still look fabulous 2 weeks later.

  71. Tonia (verified owner)

    They came quickly and are full and look great! Beautiful addition to my yard. I will certainly use plants by mail again!

  72. Carolyn (verified owner)

    I am impressed! I have order online before, but no other plants were as healthy or as well packaged as these three beautiful 3 gallon plants. The delivery service gave the boxes a rough ride, but your packaging held up great. I will order again.

  73. Steve (verified owner)

    Bought 21 plants. Came On Time and ALL in PERFECT condition.

  74. Bren (verified owner)

    I received the plants in perfect condition! I can’t wait to get them in my garden!

  75. rtorre02 (verified owner)

    This is a stunning little shrub. I have it in combination with Purple Loropetalum. Photos don’t do this plant justice. The moment I opened my shipping box the vivid color amazed me.

  76. spencerjan12 (verified owner)

    The best plants I have ever received. Nice healthy plants and packing is superb. Highly recommend Plants By Mail – Southern Living.

  77. colleen (verified owner)

    Plants arrived quickly and in excellent condition. I will be ordering more plants

  78. sleeb5 (verified owner)

    Sorry, on my previous review, I meant the 2.5 QUART wasn’t as impressive…the 2 gal ones were awesome!

  79. sleeb5 (verified owner)

    The 2.5 quart ligustrum was a bit lop-sided, and not as impressive as 2 gal ones, but should do fine when planted. Very healthy well-packaged.

  80. sleeb5 (verified owner)

    These large Sunshine ligustrum are just beautiful and healthy! Packaging was great! All delivered within a few days.The 2.5 gal wasn’t as impressive, but should grow fine.

  81. Thomas (verified owner)

    Sunshine Ligustrum arrived in fantastic shape and was well cared for. Great color and branch structure. We are well please and a great addition to our clients landscape project.

  82. DRiojas (verified owner)

    The leaves on these shrubs are very beautiful. When placed near bushes or shrubs with deep green leaves, the contrast of the yellow to light green leaves really stand out.
    It stunning.

  83. Martha Johnson

    The color contrasts with other green plants in the landscaping. Has grown a lot in the 2 years. I am very pleased with the plant and the condition of the plant when it arrived

  84. Kwant1951 (verified owner)

    delivered timely and in great shape!

  85. twiles1024 (verified owner)

    Plants came in great condition. I will be purchasing from them again.

  86. Thomas (verified owner)

    Shrubs arrived in excellent shape and we are very pleased with how full the shrubs were. We will sure be back to purchase more shrubs! Thank you.

  87. Ashley.Lauw (verified owner)

    The plant came in good condition with moist soil. The leaves and branches looked healthy and had beautiful color. Very pleased.

  88. Karen Rogers

    Very nice plants, well packed and quickly shipped. Recommend!!

  89. Anonymous

    Really nice plants and excellent shipping package! There was no soil outside the plastic plant container. Delivery was excellent.

  90. Anonymous

    These plants were very nice & compared to any you would buy from a local nursery. They were packaged very well for shipping. My only complaint is that they did appear to be repotted before shipment, roots exposed

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