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Super Blue Liriope

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About Super Blue Liriope

More sun tolerant than the average Liriope, the Super Blue Liriope is a hardy ground cover grass that is prized for its variety of landscape uses and showy violet flower spikes.

Also known as monkey grass or lily turf, liriope is traditionally used in landscapes as a low-growing mass planting. Use it along sidewalks or edges of gardens to provide a gorgeous textural element that blooms in the spring. Or, fill in gaps between plants as a natural barrier against weeds and much showier filler than mulch. This versatile ground cover grows well in harder-to-grow places such as slopes, along driveways, or filling in gaps between shrubs where light can be hard to come by.

Super Blue Liriope is armed with strappy blue-green foliage and can get up to 20" tall. From Summer to early Fall,  this liriope produces delicate violet flower stalks that emerge from the center of the clump on the end of tall green stems. This lily turf has the showiest blooms among liriope. After the spring bloom, the flowers are replaced by glossy purple-black fruits on each stem, giving yet another season of visual interest to your landscape.

Plant this heat and drought tolerant ground cover grass in moist, loamy soil for best results. Fertilize in the spring. It is heat tolerant and drought tolerant. Once established it requires very little maintenance.

How to Space Your Super Blue Liriope

For seamless mass plantings such as borders, pathway edging, or filling a space in the garden, space your Super Blue Liriope 8-12 inches apart.

For more space between plantings to feature its mounding habit, plant them 20-24 inches apart.

Check out our Liriope Buyer's Guide for more helpful tips on Liriope.

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Common Name
Super Blue Liriope
Scientific Name
Liriope muscari 'Super Blue'
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Average Size
18-20" H x Clumping
Bloom Season
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2 reviews for Super Blue Liriope

  1. Dana McKinley (verified owner)

    Awesome delivery as always. Much bigger and established than I expected and have seen at local nurseries. Really happy with this purchase.

  2. Barbie Grow (verified owner)

    amazing plants!

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