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Vintage Jade Distylium

(2 customer reviews)

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About Vintage Jade Distylium

Vintage Jade Disylium is a stunning evergreen shrub from the First Editions collection, prized for its unique blue-green foliage and compact growth habit. This plant can reach a width of 4-5 feet and a height of 3-4 feet at maturity.

The leaves of Vintage Jade Disylium are a striking blue-green color with a slightly glossy surface, providing a bold accent to any landscape design. This plant also produces small dark red flowers in the spring.

Vintage Jade Disylium is easy to care for and can be used in a variety of landscaping applications. It is particularly well-suited for use as a hedge or border plant, as it has a dense growth habit and can be easily pruned to maintain a desired shape. It can also be used as a focal point in mixed borders or as a low-maintenance specimen plant in rock gardens.

To plant Vintage Jade Disylium, select a location with well-drained soil and full to partial sunlight. Dig a hole that is slightly larger than the plant’s root ball, and place the plant in the hole. Backfill with soil and water thoroughly. To encourage healthy growth, apply a slow-release fertilizer in the spring and prune as needed to maintain the desired shape and size.

Vintage Jade Distylium Planting Instructions:

  • water before planting
  • plant in Full sun to part shade
  • dig hole 3X the width of pot,
  • backfill and plant 1″-2″ above soil level
  • water and add more soil if needed
  • mulch plant
  • Water 2-3 times per week until established

Vintage Jade Distylium Spacing:

For a seamless hedge or border planting, space your Distylium 2.5-3 feet apart from plant center to plant center. For space between plantings, plant them 5+ feet apart.

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Scientific Name
Dystilium hybrid 'Vintage Jade' PP23,128
, , , , ,
Average Size
3' H x 5' W
Bloom Season

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2 reviews for Vintage Jade Distylium

  1. Nora Smith (verified owner)

    Love the Vintage Jades! These plants arrived quickly, were packaged carefully, and are healthy and beautiful. I will definitely be ordering more plants.

  2. Joan Longmire (verified owner)

    I love this plant, so happy to find it online. It was delivered on time and held up pretty well in the process. It arrived in not quite perfect form but I think in a few days it will spread out. I had this plant a few years ago and loved how durable/drought tolerant it was. Due to lack of space to plant it in the ground it nevertheless survived beautifully in a large pot. It has lovely leaves and a graceful form. Outstanding plant for my needs.

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