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Wavy Leaf Ligustrum Recurvifolia

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About Wavy Leaf Ligustrum Recurvifolia

Wavy Leaf Ligustrum (Recurvifolium), also known as Japanese Privet or Crinkle Leaf, is a dense evergreen shrub with a rounded habit. It offers lustrous green wavy leaves and will develop small white flowers in spring. Wavy Leaf Ligustrum is an excellent choice for hedge or screen planting.

Lustrous dark green, wavy foliage creates a handsome small accent tree, foundation hedge, or privacy screen. Excellent for use as a container specimen.

Taking care of Wavy Ligustrum plants

As we already mentioned, this popular ornamental plant is easy to grow and maintain. However, there are several important things to be aware of before planting it in your garden:

How much sunlight does ligustrum require?

These evergreen bushes prefer full sun or partial shade. The more sun it receives, the greener and thicker your hedge will grow.

What type of soil works best for ligustrum recurvifolium shrubs?

The wavy leaf ligustrum prefers well-draining soil that’s not too acidic or alkaline. If planting a new hedge, nourish your soil with compost to improve drainage and fertility. Root rot might appear if this plant’s roots are exposed to standing water for too long.

How much should I water my ligustrum plant?

The ideal watering schedule depends on your climate and growing conditions. To keep this plant healthy, water it 2-3 times per week during its first growing season.

How to fertilize ligustrum shrubs

To ensure healthy growth, you should fertilize your plant twice yearly – in spring and late summer. To do this, use 0.7 pounds of 15-5-10 or 15-5-15 fertilizers for every 100 square feet.

When to prune your ligustrum shrub

Pruning these plants will help them grow new leaves and branches. The best time to prune these shrubs is right after they flower to avoid shearing off the young buds. When pruning, remove dead wood and any suckers that have sprouted from the base of the plant.

Winter care

Because new plants are vulnerable to hard freezes in the first year, we recommend protecting them from cold temperatures at night. Once it grows, it will be able to adapt to cold weather.

Although some leaf drops may occur in winter, they will be replaced by new growth once spring arrives. 

Spacing Your Wavy Leaf Ligustrum

Plant Your Wavy Leaf Ligustrum 4-6 feet apart for a seamless planting. For space between plantings, plant them 6-8+ feet apart.

Scientific Name
Ligustrum japonicum 'Recurvifolium'
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
10-15' H x 5-6' W
Bloom Season
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3 reviews for Wavy Leaf Ligustrum Recurvifolia

  1. stackm1020 (verified owner)

    I am blown away every time I order from PBM. The Curly Leaf Ligustrum arrived looking great.

  2. fawnzug (verified owner)

    What a pleasure to work with! I placed my order on a friday afternoon and received the order less than 24 hours later. (I live in the same state as PBM) Greg was so nice and friendly to work with over the phone. The plants arrived in beautiful condition. I’ve never seen the curly leaf version of this plant before. I can’t wait to watch them flourish in my yard! I’ll be following up with another order soon. Thanks PBM!!

  3. crystal.carrier12 (verified owner)

    I can’t wait for this beautiful plant to bloom! This came in a box and was so big and full when it came out. We are very pleased with all of our orders!

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