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Weeping Willow Tree

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About Weeping Willow Tree

If you are in search of a Weeping Willow Trees for sale online, then you have landed in the right place! Willow trees are one of the most recognizable trees due to their classic, rounded shape and long thing branches which droop to the ground creating a striking appearance unlike any other. They are deciduous trees composed of ground-sweeping branches that are full of long, narrow leaves with silver tinted undersides. In the fall these leaves will become yellow and eventually drop.

Weeping Willow trees reach an average size of 30-50′ H x 30-50′ W at full maturity. With a fast growth rate, you can expect upwards of 24″ of growth yearly in optimal conditions.  These are lovely trees with a graceful appearance and are wonderful additions to large scale gardens and landscapes. Weeping Willows are sure to attract plenty of attention and are useful as screenings or as a specimen.

Weeping Willow Tree Care

  • Hardy from USDA Zones 4-10. You may find Weeping Willows anywhere from the Lakesides of northern Michigan to the swamps of central and south Florida.
  • Place in a location that receives full sun and has soil that is consistently damp. These are the ideal conditions for the Willow and will have the strongest impact on its overall health and longevity.
  • Weeping Willow Trees are tolerant of most soil types, even clay. Easy to establish in soils that are both acidic and/or alkaline.

Do Weeping Willow Trees require large amounts of water?

There is no other way to say this, but YES, they do require large amounts of water. Most gardeners agree that Weeping Willows are best suited near a fresh body of water due to the nature of their roots which aggressively seek out water whether that be sewer lines or septic lines.

For the first year of planting your willow will require watering weekly. To help encourage the roots to establish themselves in the soil. Water your newly planted tree every other day for several weeks. After that, watering the tree once a week should be sufficient.

Pruning your Weeping Willow

Pruning should be done in January – March. Snip branches back as this will trigger the sprouting of new branches and bring fresh foliage to the forefront. There is no need to prune severely, but a light trim annually will be beneficial to the tree’s health and appearance.


If your tree is over 46″ inches tall at the time of shipping, we will have to trim it to fit into our boxes.

Customers Outside of the Southeastern United States: Shipping these trees over long distances during the Summer is not recommended, please wait to order during Fall to Early Spring for best results.

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Scientific Name
Salix babylonica
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Average Size
30-50' H X 30-50' W
Bloom Season

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