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White Wedding® Hydrangea

(57 customer reviews)

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About White Wedding® Hydrangea

The White Wedding Hydrangea is a dynamite new addition to the Southern Living Plant Collection! This hydrangea produces gorgeous cone-shaped white blooms every summer that are guaranteed to steal the show in your landscape. These large flower clusters have a crisper white hue than many popular Paniculata hydrangeas on the market today. These blooms are also quite long-lived. Therefore, they’re absolutely ideal for a cut flower arrangement.

The foliage on the White Wedding is soft in appearance and plentiful. The leaves emerge light green and mature to a medium hue and provide reliable growing season color and texture in the landscape. Furthermore, this variety is naturally compact. So shaping and pruning are largely unnecessary!

This Hydrangea is more deer resistant than most varieties. However, it isn’t deer-proof.

Use it as an accent, container, hedge or mass planting.

*The White Wedding Hydrangea is a deciduous/semi-evergreen plant and will go dormant during the winter months. When this plant is ordered during the Fall/Winter expect seasonal foliage decline(discoloration, spots, leaf drop) or the plant to arrive completely dormant.*

White Wedding Hydrangea Care

This variety is hardy from USDA Zones 4-9, down to -30° F when fully established. Additionally, this is a deciduous plant and will lose all of its leaves in the winter.

Plant in Full Sun to Partial Shade for best results. Keep in mind that too little sun results in decreased bloom and foliage potential.

The White Wedding Hydrangea tolerates most native soil types. However, rich soil with good drainage produces superior results.

Water 3-4 times per week during the first growing season. During the second season, provide supplementary water 2-3 times per week, or simply as needed. After it’s established, this selection proves itself to be notably drought tolerant.

Spacing Recommendations

For a seamless planting, plant your White Wedding Hydrangea 2 feet apart. Space them 6+ feet apart for gaps between plants.

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Common Name
White Wedding® Hydrangea
Scientific Name
Hydrangea paniculata Hybrid ‘LeeP1’ PP28973
, , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
4-6' H x 3-5' W
Bloom Season
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57 reviews for White Wedding® Hydrangea

  1. Mike

    I now have two of the white weddings. One is +4 years and the other a 3 gallon just planted. My 4 year old is pruned every Febuary 15 th. The blooms are white and large. The thing I like is the no drooping ever. HOME Depot is selling them now.

  2. leznewh (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these in 2020, and they finally started blooming.
    However, it’s not white but purple or pinkish color.
    I’m so disappointed.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning. This doesn’t sound normal at all. Please reach out to customer service for assistance. – Christy

  3. tracy hall-ingram (verified owner)

    It arrived boxed very well. All branches intact. Greenery a little droopy from travel but perked right back up when watered. Been in ground for a month and growing and budding. Planted in clay with extra soil and compost, watering daily until root system well established.

  4. Donna Borden (verified owner)

    I have never ordered plants online before, but because I wanted these Southern Living White Wedding Hydrangeas, I took the chance. I am very disappointed with the condition. Insect damage on both and one plant was so broken it was 1/3 smaller when broken foliage was removed. I contacted PBM, immediately and she responded but did not do anything to make the situation right. Never again.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning. When hydrangeas are shipped towards the end of their bloom cycle the blooms will snap off during transit or fade altogether. The plants you received were beautiful plants. I forwarded you my phone number if you wished to discuss this order further. It was not utilized. -Christy

  5. Betsy Poe (verified owner)

    My hydrangea arrived looking very healthy, almost no wilt.

  6. Elda Telhiard (verified owner)

    My hydrangea within a few days in perfect condition. It was healthy, in good shape and ready to plant.

  7. Laurie (verified owner)

    My plants arrived with most of the branches broken. Not happy with the quality. Have had better results from other companies. Will not order again!

  8. sweetrock5 (verified owner)

    Ordered in early spring knowing the plant would be dormant or close to. Arrived exactly as expected with nice strong branches and a few leaves starting to come in. Packaged well, no damage. Very happy with purchase.

  9. Chrystina (verified owner)

    Not exactly pleased with my first purchase thus far, about two weeks for delivery through FED EX, my hydrangea was wilted, broken branch and did not survive. No new growth in the past few weeks

  10. Nancy (verified owner)

    I ordered 6 white wedding hydrangeas. Found this company by a google search for this particular hydrangea as I couldn’t find it locally. Took my chances on the good reviews as I have not ordered plants like this by mail before. I ordered in early may I believe. Plants arrived in about 3 days I think, anyway it was quick. I was actually shocked all the plants had leaves when they arrived. Only one was drooping and was very dry. I was skeptical but I thought I’d give it a good drink and see what it looked like in the morning. 5e other’s had damp soil and looked healthy except for a few brown spots on the leaves. The leaves also had a lot of small holes so to be on the safe side I sprayed them with an organic insecticide. I planned my plants 2 days after they arrived. They are all thriving and all have blooms beginning to form and it’s only the first week in June. I have covered them with white netting bags (appropriate for a white wedding don’t you think) to keep the cicada’s from ripping them to shreds. I am in Indiana and we have them bad! The original wilted one looks as good as the others. Periodically they have lost leaves but I’m assuming that’s due to adjusting to their new environment. Trying to keep them all watered between rain drops and anticipating my beautiful white blooms in the future. My experience with Plants By Mail was good and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

  11. Christie B (verified owner)

    Arrived as strong healthy plants and have thrived since planted. Very pleased with these beautiful hydrangeas.

  12. Deborah Willis (verified owner)

    I tried over and over to purchase these from a local store. After much frustration I discovered this site and I am thrilled that I did. My 2 plants arrived in great shape and are in the ground now. Thanks so much!

    • Team PBM

      We are thrilled you discovered us too. Thank you! – Christy

  13. Martha Renfroe

    Eager to plant some white wedding hydrangeas

  14. Darrel V (verified owner)

    My first order with Plants by Mail. It arrived in great shape. Very happy.

  15. Marcy Perry (verified owner)

    I just purchased two more wedding hydrangeas. The plants are healthy and will make a beautiful addition to my garden.

  16. George Evans (verified owner)

    I love Plants by Mail. Everything I get from them looks healthy and grows well. These White Weddings are the first dormant plants I’ve gotten but they look like they were doing well when they closed for winter. I’ve only had one problem with a PbM order (shipped me the wrong kind of yew) but they took care of it immediately when I called, no cost to me and let me keep the wrong plant. Their prices are at the low end of their competition and customer service is at the top end. That’s refreshing. My favorite nursery and the White Wedding is my favorite hydrangea.

  17. Shirley T BOYD

    Saw the article about White Wedding in the Southern Living June 2019 magazine.

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