Woodard Rabbiteye Blueberry

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About Woodard Rabbiteye Blueberry

The Woodard Rabbiteye Blueberry is one of the oldest Rabbiteye varieties around, and it’s still one of the best! It’s is one of the earliest fruiting blueberries around, as it only requires 350 Chill Hours (Chill Hours are the number of hours under 45 degrees that a plant needs to produce fruit). White bell-shaped blooms cover this shrub in early spring. Then, medium to large dark blue blueberries mature in late spring to early summer. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and very tasty. You can feel good about feeding your family healthy fruit every year grown in your very own garden! 

The foliage is bluish-green in hue and lightly glossy. Before losing its leaves in winter, its foliage takes on an orange-red hue in fall.

This selection is naturally heat-tolerant which makes it well suited for growing in the southern United States.

Reaches a mature size of 5-6 feet high and 5-6 feet wide.

We do not guarantee that they will be fruiting or flowering on arrival. Our priority is providing quality landscape plants that are ready to perform beautifully over time.

Woodard Rabbiteye Blueberry Care

It’s hardy from USDA Zones 6-9. This is a deciduous variety that will lose its leaves yearly in late fall to early winter. New leaves will emerge in spring.

Grows best with Full Sun exposure.

Water 2-3 times per week for the first growing season. After the first growing season, provide supplementary water in times of extended drought and/or heat.

Plant in slightly acidic soil with good drainage for best results. Alkaline soil may lead your plant to struggle over time.

Fertilize in early spring with organic acidic plant fertilizer.

How to Space Your Woodard Rabbiteye Blueberry

For a hedge of blueberry bushes, plant 4-5 feet apart center-to-center. Plant 6+ feet apart for best plantings.

Suggested Cross Pollinators

Planting with other varieties of Rabbiteye Blueberries for cross-pollination vastly increases and improve fruit production. Two reliable pollinators for this selection include the Climax Rabbiteye Blueberry and Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry.

Why Buy Woodard Rabbiteye Blueberry Bushes Online from PlantsbyMail.com?

Our plants are well-established, healthy, and ready to take off in your landscape. If you’re unhappy with your order, please give us a call at 1-866-618-5659 or send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to address your case quickly and make it right.

Common Name
Woodard Rabbiteye Blueberry
Scientific Name
Vaccinum ashei 'Woodard'
USDA Zones
, , , , ,
Sun Exposure


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