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Yuletide Camellia

(8 customer reviews)

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About Yuletide Camellia

The Yuletide Camellia is a classic southern camellia, and for good reason! Yuletide is renowned for its numerous medium-sized, single-form bright red blooms with brilliant yellow centers. These blossoms appear from Autumn through early winter and have a knack for transforming the landscape.

The blooms of the Yuletide Camellia contrast beautifully against the dark evergreen leaves. Furthermore, they have a lightly serrated edge with an attractive glossy sheen. This is some of the most consistent foliage you can have in your landscape.

This camellia is very low maintenance and even drought tolerant once established over a few growing seasons.

With a growth potential of 8-10' H x 6-8' W wide make sure to leave room for this jewel to grow! However, it responds well to trimming and can be kept at the desired size.

The Yuletide Camellia is a perfect choice for a privacy screen, specimen, windbreak, sound dampener for street noise, or even a large container. Use a row of them to line a long driveway for a functional display that will provide hundreds or even thousands of blooms every year.

For an interesting color and texture contrast, try planting the Yuletide Camellia with the BananAppeal Small Anise Tree. Alternatively, plant several Dear Dolores Hydrangeas or Big Daddy Hydrangeas in front of a row of Yuletides for a truly southern display.

Yuletide Camellia Care

Hardy in USDA Zones 7-10, down to 0°F when well-established.

Prefers Partial Sun. provide 3-4 hours per day of direct sun or filtered all-day sun for best results

Water 2-3 times per week during the first growing season. Then during the second growing season water 1-2 times per week. Once established, only water once or twice a week during dry weather.

Plant in rich, acidic soil with good drainage. Apply a few inches of mulch underneath the plant to insulate the roots from extreme temperatures.

Fertilize every few months with an acidic plant fertilizer to encourage the growth of young Yuletide Camellias. Once matured, yearly fertilization is plenty to keep this plant healthy and strong.

Yuletide Camellia Spacing

For a seamless planting, space your plants 6-8 feet apart. Alternatively, space them 9+ feet for gaps between plants.

Common Name
Yuletide Camellia
Scientific Name
Camellia sasanqua 'Yuletide'
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
8-10' H x 6–8' W
Bloom Season
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8 reviews for Yuletide Camellia

  1. Laverne Strother (verified owner)

    My Yuletide Camellia, arrived in well-protected packaging, timely manner, and expected size as offered. I am letting it settle down before planting. I can't wait for fall that's just around the corner. It will be the perfect timing for an excellent growing change. I will place more orders Thank you

  2. Laverne M Strother (verified owner)

    My Yuletide Camellia arrived in well-protected packaging and the expected size as offered. I am letting it settle down before planting can't wait for fall around the corner it will be the perfect timing for a good growing change. I will place more orders Thank you

  3. Vicky Key (verified owner)

    Beautiful, full plant! Exactly what I wanted!

  4. ANGELITA VIZCAINO (verified owner)

    I have to say it is exactly like the picture shown. The plant arrived in perfect condition, she is healthy, leaves are beautiful and glossy... I am in love! She came filled with buds that keep getting larger day by day. I am very happy with this purchase. I will definitely purchase from here again.

  5. Anna M Jessen (verified owner)

    So far, it's doing well in the Texas clay. I hesitated about planting a camellia here as two nurseries in my area said they don't carry them because they're too hard to grow in this soil. I added an acidifier/soil loosener to the Texas clay, so I hope I can take good care of this lovely Yuletide that arrived in great condition and is thriving well. Time will tell. PBM takes great care in packing and shipping their products.

  6. Kim Fierek (verified owner)

    Second time ordering from this company and very pleased with the delivery of the plants. They were full sized and very healthy. I will continue to reach out to them with more plant requests. Nice to see a company with good customer service and actually provide a product that is expected.

  7. Ann Granack (verified owner)

    I received an impressive size plant just as pictured in a timely manner. It traveled very well with no noticeable stress showing. It was also packed great and the soil was still moist. Thanks for a wonderful healthy camelia! I can't wait to see the blooms to brighten up the place!

  8. Lilian Thome (verified owner)

    The plants came in excellent condition so I am very happy about that. Planted one & doing very well thus far!

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