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Colocasia, also called Elephant Ear or Taro, is an exotic and bold plant with large, heart-shaped leaves that add a tropical flair to gardens and landscapes. Our varieties showcase striking colors and patterns that will make a statement in your landscape as an accent or along water features.

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Colocasia, also known as elephant ear plants, are a genus of plants native to tropical regions of Asia and Polynesia. They are grown for their large, dramatic leaves that resemble elephant ears. Here are some ways you can use Colocasia in your landscape:

  1. Focal point: Colocasia plants can be used as a striking focal point in your garden. The large, lush leaves create a tropical and exotic feel, making them perfect for creating a statement in your landscape.
  2. Containers: Colocasia can be grown in containers, making them a great option for patios, balconies, and other small spaces. Their impressive size and striking foliage make them a great addition to any container garden.
  3. Water gardens: Colocasia thrive in wet and boggy conditions, making them ideal for planting in and around water gardens, ponds, and other water features.
  4. Mass planting: Colocasia can be used to create a mass planting, creating a bold and dramatic effect in your garden. Plant them in groups of three or more to create a cohesive look.
  5. Complementary plant: Colocasia can be used as a complementary plant to other tropical plants, such as palms, bananas, and hibiscus, creating a lush, tropical landscape.
  6. Indoor plant: Colocasia can also be grown as an indoor plant, providing a tropical feel to your interior space.


When planting Colocasia, it is important to ensure they receive adequate moisture and are planted in well-draining soil. They prefer full sun to partial shade and thrive in warm, humid conditions. Colocasia can be propagated through division, making it easy to expand your collection over time. In summary, Colocasia are a striking and versatile plant that can be used in a variety of ways in your landscape. They can serve as a focal point, be grown in containers, used in water gardens, mass planted, complement other tropical plants, and even be grown indoors. With their lush, tropical foliage, Colocasia are sure to add interest and drama to your landscape.

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