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Endless Summer Hydrangea

The best selling hydrangea brand, Endless Summer offers a range of hydrangeas with color that just won't stop!

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Gardeners everywhere are falling in love with unbelievable Endless Summer Hydrangeas! This exclusive brand of plants is exceptionally cold hardy and reblooms on both new and old growth. Additionally, they're all capable of exhibiting a range of colors, from bright pink to deep purple to brilliant blue.

History of Endless Summer Hydrangeas

In the 1980s, an elementary school teacher named Dennis Bostrom had a very curious hydrangea growing in his yard. It rebloomed several times throughout the year, and it survived bitter Zone 4 winters. His neighbor down the street, Vern Black, was the foreman at Bailey Nursery and recognized the potential in his plant. The two of them teamed up and brought his unusual plant to Bailey Nursery for testing. Years later, Dr. Michael Dirr was touring Bailey Nurseries. He was immediately intrigued by their reblooming hydrangea. When he left took several cuttings home to Georgia. Musing upon the plant as he flew home, he wrote "Endless Summer" in his notebook. He worked with Bailey Nursery over the next few years and they officially launched the Endless Summer line in 2004.

Endless Summer Hydrangea Varieties

The Original Endless Summer Hydrangea The first variety developed by Endless Summer, The Original Endless Summer Hydrangea is still just as dynamic and gorgeous as it was when it first came out. It grows to about 3-5' H x 3-5' W and features soft pink, lavender purple, or baby blue bloom clusters. Furthermore, it has bright green stems and rich true green leaves. Bloomstruck Hydrangea The Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea is the second newest variety and it's quite a stunner! It's well-known for its red stems and dark green leaves that really separate it from the pack. Expect its mophead blooms to range from rose-pink, violet purple, and rich blue. In addition, it reaches 3-5 feet wide and high. Twist-n-Shout Hydrangea The Twist-n-Shout Hydrangea is currently the only lacecap variety, so it's perfect for anyone looking for something a little different! The blooms range from periwinkle blue to blush pink or even a violet purple. Meanwhile, the foliage is bright green, serrated, and deeply veined. Additionally, it reaches 3-5' H x 3-5' W at maturity. Blushing Bride Hydrangea The Blushing Bride Hydrangea is a true rarity! This mophead selection has reblooming white bloom clusters. These blooms emerge white and blush to pink or blue as the flower cluster ages. It also features gorgeous dark green foliage, which provides a fantastic contrast. Otherwise, it grows between 3-6' H x 3-6' W, which provides many opportunities in the landscape. Summer Crush Hydrangea This is the newest variety to date! The Summer Crush Hydrangea from Endless Summer Hydrangeas is a true dwarf that only reaches 18-36" tall and wide. Moreover, it has some of the most stunning blooms around! Its characteristic bloom color is a decadent raspberry red that pops in any landscape. However, it's also capable of producing violet-purple blooms as well. The foliage is dark green with waxy cuticles. These cuticles prevent "midday melt" (or foliage drooping) that many in this species are susceptible to.

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