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Ligustrum is a genus of evergreen or deciduous shrubs commonly known as privet, characterized by its dense, compact growth and glossy, dark green leaves. Their attractive foliage and ability to be shaped make them perfect for hedges, screens, or ornamental specimens.

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Ligustrum plants, also known as Privets, are the perfect choice for home landscapes. These plants can thrive in various conditions, including full sun or partial shade, and they are deer resistant. Their versatility and undemanding nature make them an ideal choice, even for inexperienced gardeners. In spring, these shrubs are adorned with fragrant white blooms, while during autumn and winter months, they have blueberry-like fruits as decor. These adaptable shrubs are a great choice for just about any yard or garden area.

How large will Ligustrum shrubs grow?

Privets are fast-growing, arching, and horizontal-branching shrubs that grow to a height of 10-12 feet and spread to 15 feet wide. They are considered one of the fastest-growing shrubs in the world, capable of growing up to 25 inches each year! This rapid growth rate means that these bushes need frequent pruning to keep them from becoming too large for their allotted space. They can tolerate a range of soil types, from dry sand to heavy clay, making them suitable for use in areas with poor drainage or flooding issues. It is useful to mention that these plants are incredibly drought tolerant – they require minimal watering and very little maintenance.

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Landscape Uses

You can purchase Ligustrum to create a privacy screen or windbreak. The dense, dark foliage can work as a natural fence, which can be grown as either a series of large shrubs or small trees that form a hedge. This plant is an excellent choice to screen unwanted attention in your home. You can also use it as a hedge around your swimming pool and patio. Privets look best when planted in groups of three or more plants, and they should be spaced at least 3 feet (90 cm) apart. This will allow the plants to fill out nicely without crowding each other out!

Why should you get Ligustrum plants for your landscape?

This plant is a great choice if you're looking for a hardy, low-maintenance shrub that will add color and texture to your landscape. It's easy to grow and can tolerate shade, so it's perfect for areas where other plants might struggle. There are different ways you can use this shrub in your landscape. You can use it as a hedge or screen; it makes a beautiful backdrop for flower beds and pools; you can use it as an accent plant near walkways or patios, or you can even use it to dress up your gate entrance.

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