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Shipping & Packaging

How Your Plants Are Shipped

Our plants are grown on a 200+ acre nursery in Southern Alabama. We ship plants year-round, and all of our plants are field-grown. We do not ship bare-root plants like some other online nurseries. Instead, our plants ship in nursery containers with full root balls.

Please be aware of your area’s weather conditions when placing your order. If it is going to be 90+ degrees, below freezing and snowing, or a hurricane is headed your way consider waiting until the weather is milder. This will help ensure that your plant will do well in transit.

Nursery Employee in blue shirt and jeans holding Emerald Green Arborvitae in a black nursery pots next to an orange tractor wheel

Picking Your Plants

We do our best to provide the highest-quality plants so they can survive the journey to your doorstep. We pull the plants the same day they are going to ship from the nursery and strive to pick the highest quality plants for your order.

After pulling the plants from the field, they are watered, tagged, and bagged for your shipment.

Packing Your Plants

Each plant’s base is wrapped in a plastic liner and cinched to the stem. The bags keep moisture locked in so that your plants arrive fresh. Remember to water your plants after you’ve unboxed them!

We place the plants in single, double, or multi-pack boxes designed to fit the pot size you ordered. Our tab systems lock in the pot to prevent the plants from moving around too much in transit. Finally, we tape up the box and add a detailed packing list to the outside.

Shipping Your Plants

We strive to ship all orders the day after you have placed an order or the following day. We do not ship on Sundays, so orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will ship on the next business day.

  • All plants are shipped through UPS or FedEx ground service unless a different transit time is requested at the time of order.
  • It is typical for the root ball and soil to be loosened during shipping. Our guarantee will not consider a loose root ball ” damage.
  • We try to pack for the turbulence during shipping, but minor branch breakage and minor leaf loss from the vibrations are reasonably common. Therefore, minor leaf loss and branch breakage will not be considered “damage” under our guarantee.
  • If your plant is damaged in transit or if for any reason you think your plant is unhealthy, don’t hesitate to contact within the allotted time frame outlined in our guarantee. We usually ask for a photo of the plants in question to help you assess your damage claim.
  • Check out the specs and photos of our plant pots here
  • Please get in touch with us if you have any questions