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Lomandra is a resilient and versatile grass-like plant with graceful, arching foliage and adaptability to diverse landscapes. With an array of species, Lomandra offers evergreen beauty, drought tolerance, and a charming aesthetic, making it an excellent choice for gardens, borders, or containers.

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Lomandra, also known as mat rush or basket grass is a genus of nearly 50 species of perennials native to Australia. Lomandra has been a go to for many landscapes for years due to the appearance and distinct swishing sound they produce as they sway in the breeze. Many customers love the idea of ornamental grasses in their landscape but are surprised to discover that they must be pruned to the ground year after year in the winter. This is when Lomandra becomes the perfect choice for the same placement, use and appearance, but without the extra hassle of pruning. Lomandra is a grass-like perennial herd that is virtually maintenance free. Since it is quite easy to grow and maintain it is also often used in a variety of ways. If you are seeking coverage of a large area Lomandra is easily grown in mass as a groundcover along slopes, as accents or even in container gardens or near entryways. They have a dense clumping habit and are deer resistant making them a wonderful choice of woodland gardens.

Does Lomandra need to be cut back?

Although similar in appearance to many ornamental grasses the Lomandra is not a grass, but instead a sedge. Pruning is not necessary, but it is an option if you would like to do so. After your plant has had years of healthy growth and begins to plateau you may choose to perform a hard prune to allow new growth to flourish.

What are sedges?

While the stems of grasses are hollow and round stems of sedges are solid and triangular in form. Attached below is a visual breaking down this key difference and a few others. 

 Grasses vs. Sedges (

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