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Knock Out Roses

The Knock Out Family of Roses are go-to, low maintenance roses. Make a statement with an individual rose or plant them clustered to create a colorful hedge.

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Knock Out Roses are some of the most popular roses on the market today! At one point in time, they were THE BEST selling plant family in America. And they earned that spot. After all, they're some of the most reliable plants that money can buy. Why Plant Knock Out Roses? They bloom nearly all growing season long. Once warm weather starts rolling around, you won't need to wait long for blooms to start appearing. After the initial bloom, you can look forward to rebloom after rebloom after rebloom. Traditionally until winter weather rolls around again. They're extremely low-maintenance. Traditional roses can be a serious pain-in-the-neck to maintain. Many gardeners enjoy the challenge. However, many gardeners just want a rose that's going to look great every day and produce beautiful bloom upon beautiful bloom. That's where Knock Out Roses come in! Give them a light trim periodically to keep them at your desired size, or let them grow freely. Additionally, they're self-cleaning. This means that old bloom stalks will shrivel and fall off naturally. Therefore, you don't need to deadhead. Knock Out Roses are disease resistant. In fact, these guys are naturally resistant to black spot disease, which is a common rose problem. How to Use Knock Out Roses Plant them individually for a showy specimen. Use them as an accent in a mixed garden bed. Plant them close together along a fence for a gorgeous hedge. Try them out in a container planting. Knock Out Roses fit almost anywhere in the landscape as long as they have 6-8 hours of sun to promote health and blooming.

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