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Our Promise will fully assess plants before shipment to ensure healthy and vibrant plants are shipped to each customer. We package your plants with the utmost care using customized packaging that secures your plant for the journey to its new home.


Customers are guaranteed delivery of live, healthy plants as well as direct and easy access to our Customer Service desk for assistance with questions related to their order and their plants.

Please note we package our material in such a way to ensure prime delivery. We do not warranty damaged packaging, only the plants inside.

Refunds and Replacements

If plants, when arrived, are found to be of questionable health, please email pictures of these plants to Customer Service at

All pictures will be assessed for plant health and condition. All concerns will be reviewed. If plants are found to be in poor condition or damaged a one-time replacement or refund will be awarded. Although we try to adhere to customer preferences regarding whether refunds or replacements are awarded, the Customer Service team may need to place priority on which is processed.

Any request for a refund or replacement must be submitted to our Customer Service Team no more than 30 days after the confirmed delivery date of the purchased plant. 

Customer Responsibility

It is the customer’s responsibility to assess their own weather conditions and planting seasons prior to making their orders.  All Orders are Packaged and mailed directly following Order Placement. It is also the customer’s responsibility to know their planting zone as this is vital information your plant suviving.  For any questions concerning planting zones please contact Customer Service prior to ordering.

Delivering Requirements

For any special delivery requirements, please leave a note for your local carrier.  Plants by mail does not specify for delivery instructions.  Plants are generally shipping the next business day, however certain times of the year delivery delays of up to 7 days may occur. 


ANY CANCELLATIONS need to be brought to the attention of the Customer Service Representative PRIOR TO shipping.  If the package has shipped the order is not able to be cancelled and NO refund will apply.

If a duplicate order or other mistake was made which makes cancellation necessary, please contact customer service via phone, or leave a voicemail as soon as possible.  Cancellations are check for every morning prior to processing.  Once packages are shipped we cannot retrieve orders for refund.


Plants and trees are perishable, nursery stock cannot be returned without authorization. Once a plant has been removed from its original container or has been planted, it cannot be returned. In some cases, garden supplies and hard goods may be authorized for return, including fertilizers, planting mixes, garden tools, or t-shirts.

As our product is LIVING materials, customers that return their items do so at their own expense. If plants are returned DEAD or in an unsellable condition, the ordering price, including shipping, will remain as charged.  If plants are returned in a sellable condition, then a 20% restocking fee, in addition to any shipping charges, will be deducted from the purchase price before a refund is placed.

For any questions, concerns or otherwise, please get in touch with Customer Service at or directly via phone at 866-618-5659