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False Cypress

False Cypress, or Chamaecyparis, encompasses a diverse group of conifers known for their graceful, feathery foliage and varying shapes, from columnar to pyramidal. Our false cypress comes in vibrant greens to striking golds that add visual interest and year-round color to landscapes.

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False Cypress, also known as Chamaecyparis, are the stockier cousins of the well-known group, Cypress Trees. Contrary to what you might think from their name, they are truly in the Cypress (Cupressaceae) family. These are evergreen bushes offering year-round interest, never leaving you with a void in your garden. Oftentimes, they grow with a weeping pyramidal habit and scaled leaves that really create dynamic texture in the landscape. Many varieties have golden to yellow foliage that really POPS in the landscape. They're ideal for Asian-inspired landscapes or rock-gardens, where their natural shape and color can really shine through.

False Cypress Tree Care

Once they are well established false cypress trees are easy to maintain. Though the care may vary from type to type, the basic care instructions remain unchanged.

False Cypress Growth Rate

The typical False Cypress growth rate is slow! On average you will only see 6-8 +/- inches of growth annually.

The USDA states that False Cypress remains hardy in zones 4-8.

False Cypress Watering

Young plants will require special care in this area. Watering deeply will help establish the plant quicker and assist in healthy root growth. Established plants are drought tolerant, happily thriving in soil that simply remains moist and well-draining.

Where To Plant False Cypress

Placing your False Cypress in a location that receives sunlight at least 8 hours a day will be ideal. Fully green species require less sunlight that their golden counterparts. Full sunlight is a requirement for the yellow/gold species to develop these hues.

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