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Carex Grass

Carex grasses, known for their graceful arching blades and diverse forms, are versatile ornamental grasses that add texture and movement to landscapes. Our Carex grasses come in shades of green, cream, and chartreus.

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Commonly known as sedge grass or sedges, Carex grass is an easily grown plant that is often classified and clumped together with ornamental grass although it is not a grass at all. With fine foliage that dances in the wind and either beautiful variegation or a single color, planting Carex grass is an easy way to improve any outdoor space. For more tips on caring for your ground cover grasses check out our ground cover grasses care guide.

What Is A Sedge?

A sedge, by definition, is a plant with triangularly shaped stems that forms small flowers and typically (but not always) grows in soil that remains moist at all times. Sedges are highly tolerant of shady conditions. With there being so many types of sedges, you will quickly learn that there may be vast differences in ideal conditions from plant to plant. Sedge plants are found worldwide and are evergreen "ornamental grasses" ranging in color from bronze to gold, green and several variegated forms.

Where To Plant Carex

As stated earlier, most Carex grass thrives in moist locations, but there are also a number of them that are drought tolerant. Plant your Carex grass in any location that you would like to attract butterflies and birds as they love this grass!

Watering Sedges

Once you have received your Carex by mail and have planted it, water deeply to settle. There is no worry of overwatering these Sedges as they will survive temporarily soggy soils without a fuss. Once established feel free to take a look at our individual product pages for the varieties you have purchased as these will contain specialized watering instructions!

Pruning Sedge Grass

In the spring cut back any dead of damaged foliage by using a pair of sharp, sterile pruning shears! There is no need to prune your Sedge down to the ground. Make sure to wear the proper gloves too as the edges of sedge grass has been known the cut and even cause a mild rash! Don't worry, we have a great selection of shears and gloves available too. Our bestselling garden shears! 5 star rated gardening gloves!

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