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Dwarf Arborvitae

Dwarf Arborvitae brings the elegance of evergreen foliage to smaller garden spaces, containers, or borders. These petite conifers retain the classic appeal of their larger relatives, offering year-round greenery and a neat, manageable presence for those seeking a versatile and space-conscious evergreen solution.

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When you hear "Arborvitae" your first thought is most likely tall Arborvitae Trees, but they don't end there! Dwarf arborvitae bushes are popular choices for groundcover and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are all much smaller than others such as the Green Giant Arborvitae Tree! With a naturally globular form and shimmering foliage that changes with both sun exposure and the seasons these unique shrubs are perfect for the gardener who wants to make a change from the very popular, but maybe less stunning to some, boxwood shrubs.

Where Should I Plant My Dwarf Arborvitae?

As with the larger varieties dwarfs are also full sun to partial shade shrubs that will struggle if they receive less than 6 hours of sunlight per day. Dwarf arborvitae varies are slow growers in comparison to their larger relatives and are of course, much smaller. American arborvitae has become a mainstay in residential gardens, commercial landscaping projects and even in containers.

When Should I Plant Dwarf Arborvitae?

Fall will be the ideal season for planting as the cooler weather will prevent heat stress and allow the soil to retain moisture for a longer period. With that being said, there are no extreme dangers planting at any time during the year as long as proper care is taken.

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