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Our Story

Plants by Mail was started in 1998 by Plant Development Services. Our first site was a digital catalog and customers could order by phone. Our goal was to get the newly launched Encore Azalea brand to customers across the country.

Where is Plants by Mail Located?

Plants by Mail is located in Loxley, Al, in South Alabama along the Gulf of Mexico. Our shipping facility is on a 500-acre nursery where millions of plants are grown and processed annually.

Unlike many other online nurseries that buy their inventory from other wholesale nurseries, our plants are grown on our nursery. In many cases, our nursery sells plants to your favorite online sources and garden centers.

How Do You Pack Your Plants?

Each plant is pulled directly from the field on the day it will be shipped. We water the plant, then wrap the pot in a plastic bag that cinches tightly to the plant’s stem. The plants are then placed in our special boxes that lock the plant place so that they don’t shift around during shipping. The plants are loaded into the shipping truck later in the day and then leave our facility.

How Are Plants Picked When Ready?

Each one of our plants is pot grown in the container it will be shipped in. A 1-gallon plant starts as a 1-gallon plant, a 2-gallon plant starts in a 2-gallon pot, and 3-gallon plants start in a 3-gallon pot. When a crop is planted, our nursery managers assign a date on when the crop will be ready. When you buy a 3-gallon plant, you're not just buying a fuller shrub, you're also buying a significantly more mature root system.

Pulling Your Plants

We take pride in our meticulous process of hand-selecting each plant and packaging them securely, so you can be confident that your order will arrive safely at your doorstep.

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