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Southern Living Plant Collection

Southern Living Plants are specifically designed to solve specific landscape challenges and to excel in Southern gardens! Get hard to find varieties here.

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Southern Living plants solve specific landscape challenges. These are some of the hardiest, most reliable plants around. Each bred to thrive in Southern landscapes. Furthermore, there are over 100 patented properties to choose from. So it's easy to find a shrub, grass, tree, or perennial to fill a hole in your garden. offers most plants from the Southern Living Plant Collection, with brand-new varieties added often!

Popular Southern Living Plants

If you're new to the Southern Living Plant Collection, be sure to check out some of the best-selling varieties listed below. This includes Full Sun selections such as the Sunshine Ligustrum, Orange Rocket Barberry, Evergreen Stella Daylily, Jubilation Gardenia, and Bells of Fire Tecoma. Shade-tolerant varieties like the Soft Caress Mahonia, Marvel Mahonia, Mountain Snow Pieris, and Everillo Carex.

Versatile and compact garden workhorses including the Lemon Lime Nandina, Obsession Nandina, Purple Pixie Weeping Loropetalum, Purple Diamond Loropetalum, and Red Diamond Loropetalum. Alternatively, check out some unusual Southern Living Plants like the Florida Sunshine Illicum (anise shrubs) or Taiga Clematis.

Southern Living Plants - A Brief History

Southern Living® is an entertainment and lifestyle magazine crafted for Southerners to celebrate Southern life. Currently, it's the sixth-largest magazine in the United States and reaches 16 million readers every month! The Southern Living Plant Collection first emerged in 2008 and has been transforming Southern landscapes ever since. Browsing this selection, you'll see numerous improved versions of plants that Southern gardeners already know and love. Specifically, these Southern favorites include Camellias, Nandinas, Gardenias, Loropetalums, and more! Why Choose Plants From the Southern Living Plant Collection?

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