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Pampas Grass, a statement-making ornamental grass, commands attention with towering plumes gracefully swaying in the breeze. With its dramatic height and feathery inflorescences, Pampas Grass adds a touch of elegance and texture to landscapes, making it a striking focal point in gardens and larger outdoor spaces.

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    Pampas Grass

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Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is a tall grass of the Poaceae family whose roots trace back to South America. Mature plants reach 8-10 ft in height and 10ft +/- in width. The name Pampas comes from the Pampas plains in which this grass is native where it is seen as an ornamental plant. In other areas such as New Zealand and South Africa it is often seen as an invasive species. Pampas Grass is a perennial plant that has been making an appearance in centerpieces, wreaths and various other places. Pampas is a landscape choice that has become wildly popular and is here to stay. White pampas grass plants can either be male or female while the female will produce the showiest plumes. Remains hardy in USDA zones 7-11.

Pampas Grass Care

Because of its aggressive nature, Pampas Grass has been categorized as an invasive plant by the USDA, but with the proper guidance it can be grown without much worry.


Pampas grass will tolerate light shade, but like similar grasses it prefers full sunlight. A lack of proper lighting will deprive the plant of a normal growth cycle and may lead to a reduction in resistance to diseases.


The best conditions to grow Pampas will be loamy soil that is well draining. Either an acidic or neutral pH works well for healthy growth.


With such a large size providing the grass with space to grow is essential. Space your plant 6-8 feet apart if you are looking to form a hedge. If you aren't seeking to create a tightly knit border plant up to 14 feet apart and cover more ground. Watering Pampas Grass can thrive in many conditions and will adapt to almost any location. Ornamental grasses can be watered once every 2 weeks during the first growing season. During periods of extreme drought watering 2-3 times per week may be necessary. No watering is required after the plant is well established.

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