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About Nandinas

Nandina (Nandina domestica) is also known as heavenly bamboo. It is an evergreen broadleaf shrub that has found its way into the landscaper’s toolbox because of its durability.

Mature Height/Width

Some Nandina varieties can grow 5 to 7 feet high and spread 3 to 5 feet. We carry dwarf varieties that are more compact, less invasive and don’t produce the annoying shoots commonly associated with Nandinas.

Why We Love Nandinas

Did we mention that this plant is tough? Our varieties of nandina have been bred for pest and disease resistance, making an already tough plant even tougher. Add this colorful foliage to your landscape and you can rest assured it won’t be fussy.

We also love the colorful hues that the foliage displays seasonally. The pointed, colorful leaves of the nandina are reminiscent of bamboo, with cane-like stems and fine-textured foliage. Most varieties of Nadina produce young foliage with soft pinkish hues that mature to darker reds and greens. This creates a gradient of warm reds and pinks cascading to darker greens and crimson reds.

One variety that stays green all year round is the ‘Lemon-Lime’ Nandina from Southern Living Plants, which produces lime green new growth that sits atop darker green mature growth. This variety provides a pop of lime green that will enliven your landscape with contrast.

Where to Use Nandinas

We love the textural contrast that nandinas bring to your landscape. Their dwarf habit makes them suitable in many applications such as borders, specimen plantings, and foundations plantings.

They make an excellent addition to Asian style gardens. Nandina provides a compact, colorful alternative to bamboo. They can be paired with dwarf varieties of conifers to create a balanced contrast of foliage and color.

As a border plant, their dwarf size will not overtake your garden. Pair them with border grasses such as carex to create a colorful cascading effect along walkways or the foundation of your home.

Nandinas also make a fantastic container plant when used with other varieties of plants that spread, such as creeping Jenny or a hardy spreading conifer like Blue Rug juniper.

Where to Plant Your Nandinas

These nandinas are tough, so they accept a wide range of sun exposure. You can plant nandinas in full sun to part shade. Plant them in mass to create a colorful hedge along your foundation.

Flirt Nandina and Blush Pink Nandina are very compact, growing only 1-2′ high and wide. Use these along border paths for a compact accent or in containers for a pop of color and vertical growth.

Blush Pink, Lemon Lime, Gulf Stream and Firepower all grow to be 3-4′ high and wide. They provide more height and width for your landscape. These can be used in foundation plantings or planted in a mass to form a short hedge.

We Only Sell Sterile Varieties (Non-Invasive)

Nandinas can be an invasive species and are banned by many states because have been known to take over areas and can even hurt wildlife.

The nandina that we grow and sell does not spread and does not produce seeds or berries. Without the seed, there’s no threat of birds or other wildlife spreading these nandina varieties.

Our nandinas can be sold and shipped to the lower 48 states.

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