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Ever White™ Agapanthus

(13 customer reviews)

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About Ever White™ Agapanthus

The Ever White Agapanthus (Agapanthus hybrid ‘WP001’ PP27357) is a new beauty from the Southern Living Plant Collection! It produces gorgeous globular clusters of trumpet-shaped white flowers. These blooms to begin much earlier than most other varieties in spring and then continue into summer.

Its foliage is thick and straplike, with a leathery texture. Additionally, these leaves are consistently bright green and attractive. It’s semi-evergreen, so warmer USDA Zones will find it to be evergreen, while colder Zones may see it as a deciduous perennial.

This is a semi-dwarf variety that reaches about 18-20″ H x 12-18″ W. It has a naturally clumping habit, so it won’t take over your garden. However, as with many perennials, divide these perennials every 3-4 years to prevent crowding.

Use this as a border plant along a walkway, as an accent in a mixed garden bed, in a container, or as a mass planting.

Check out a few other Southern Living Plant Collection Agapanthus varieties, the Neverland Agapanthus, Queen Mum Agapanthus, and the Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus.

Ever White Agapanthus Care

Hardy in USDA Zones 8-11, down to 10°F when established. We recommend covering your new plants overnight during hard-freezes.

Plant in Part Sun for best results. 3 hours or more is generally recommended for optimal blooming and foliage.

Water 3-4 times per week during the first growing season. In the second growing season, provide supplementary water in times of extreme heat and drought.

The Ever White Agapanthus prefers garden soil with good drainage for best results.

Perennials rarely need supplemental fertilizer, however, 3-4 inches of compost around the plant yearly provides nutrients to keep the plant happy and healthy.

How to Plant:

  1. First, find a suitable planting location based on the planting specifications listed above
  2. Dig a hole roughly three times as wide as the pot that your plants came in.
    • Don’t dig the hole deeper than what will allow for your plant to sit evenly with the ground around it. For slower draining soils, dig a slightly shallower hole so your plant will sit a couple of inches above the soil around it. Mound the soil around the base of the plant.
  3. Mix your native soil with some rich garden soil or compost to encourage new root growth and expansion.
  4. Tease the root ball with your hands or a gardening tool to loosen the ball of roots.
  5. Place the plant in the hole and backfill around it with your dirt mixture.
  6. Water your new planting deeply to settle the soil and hydrate your plant.
    • Now is a good time for a light fertilizer application. If you’re planting in mid to late fall or summer, use a root rocket fertilizer. If you’re planting in spring or early fall, use a slow-release balanced plant fertilizer. We don’t recommend using liquid fertilizer on new plantings.

Ever White Agapanthus Spacing Recommendations

Space your individual plants about 12-18″ apart for a seamless planting. Plant over 2 feet apart for space between clumps.

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Common Name
Ever White™ Agapanthus
Scientific Name
Agapanthus hybrid 'WP001’ PP27357
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
1-2 feet H x 1-2 feet W
Bloom Season
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13 reviews for Ever White™ Agapanthus

  1. Yvette Gayle

    Arrival perfect with blooms.

  2. Pamela Meadows (verified owner)

    very healthy and pretty plants. they were delivered in a timely manner and will definitely order from you again.
    Plus they already had flowers on them.

  3. Pamela Meadows (verified owner)

    very healthy and pretty plants. they were delivered in a timely manner and will definitely order from you again

  4. Greg

    Plants are wonderful and once they recover from the shipping damage they’ll be amazing. Poorly packed – very different from my previous purchases through your site.

  5. Beth (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in good condition – very pleased with my purchase!

  6. George Lupton (verified owner)

    All plants still living but they were pretty beat up during the shipping process

  7. Ann Kammerer (verified owner)

    Arrived in great condition. Beautiful full size plants.

  8. Thelma Brown

    Great plants!

  9. Thelma Brown

    When will they be back in stock?

  10. garciapaula677201 (verified owner)

    Excellent plants shipped in excellent condition. They’ve been blooming for months.

  11. Carolyn Carson

    Just received the two I I ordered , They arrived in excellent condition , and one has a bud. Am reordering more. Glad to find such a great source for this often difficult to find and more expensive plant.

  12. Sandy Hoy (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 and they both had a bud almost ready to open. Two weeks later, plants are settled in nicely and one bud has started to open. Would definitely recommend!

  13. Marcy Perry (verified owner)

    I love this plant. It had a beautiful bloom when it arrived and is ready to bloom again. I highly recommend this plant and company.

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