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Light Show® Red Bottlebrush

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About Light Show® Red Bottlebrush

A festival of brilliant red blossoms awaits you when you plant the Light Show Bottlebrush from the Southern Living Plant Collection! Scarlet red bottlebrush blooms emerge from Spring to Summer. These gorgeous blossoms feature thin red styles extending from bloom spikes. Furthermore, these styles are tipped with bright white ends, giving a distinctly ‘fiber-optic’ appearance.

New foliage emerges as a bright green before maturing to a pleasant deep green. This evergreen foliage is reliably dense and requires little pruning. Therefore, it’s ideal for low-maintenance gardens.

Unlike other red blooming Bottlebrush that can reach upwards of 10 feet tall, the Light Show Bottlebrush maxes out around 3′ H x 3′ W. In other words, it feels right at home in a small garden.

As usual with Bottlebrushes, the Light Show Bottlebrush is salt tolerant. So it’s perfect for coastal plantings.

Once established, it proves itself to be remarkably drought tolerant.

Use it as an accent plant, in a mixed bed, mass planting, low-hedge, foundation planting, or slope planting. Alternatively, this bottlebrush’s dwarf nature means that it even works well in a container.

Pair the Light Show Bottlebrush with the Mojo Pittosporum or Twist of Pink Oleander, two other coastal salt-tolerant varieties. Their foliage contrasts in color, shape, and texture, creating fantastic interest.

Light Show Bottlebrush Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 8-10, down to 10-20° Fahrenheit.

Plant the Light Show Bottlebrush in Full Sun for best results.

Water regularly after planting, 2-3 times per week during the first growing season in average weather. Afterward, this red blooming shrub only needs supplemental watering in times of intense heat and drought.

This bottlebrush is tolerant of most soil types. However, good drainage is important to avoid root rot.

Fertilize in spring with a bloom booster fertilizer, low on nitrogen, such as a 15-30-15 NPK.

Trimming is generally unnecessary for the Light Show Bottlebrush, but if desired, it should be done after the spring bloom cycle.

Light Show Bottlebrush Spacing Recommendations 

If you plan to use the Bottle Brush as a hedge leave 3 to 4 feet of breathing space between each plant. Otherwise, Allow 4 to 6 feet of space if planting right outside the house.

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Common Name
Light Show® Red Bottlebrush
Scientific Name
Callistemon viminalis 'LJ23' PP27547
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6 reviews for Light Show® Red Bottlebrush

  1. Candy (verified owner)

    Nice shrub that was well packed,and also thriving well in my garden.

  2. Tommy (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be more pleased, plants never missed a beat after planting.

  3. Lorraine (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the quality of the plant. The packaging was top rate.

  4. Kitty Bull (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, and a gorgeous plant! Beautiful plant arrived. Love bottlebrushes!

  5. Caitlin

    This bush came in a little small, but in perfect condition. It has grown so much in the past month! This is one of my favorite potted plants.

  6. Miroslava Izaguirre (verified owner)

    It is gorgeous. I love the texture of the leaves; they look lovely even without flowers. The plants arrived intact and healthy. I have not transplanted them yet, but I am hoping they will perform well in my zone.

    • nick norman

      I am so pleased you’re pleased with your Bottlebrush. They are fascinating plants. I looked up your planting zone and these will do just fine for you there. Side note: They LOVE full sun. 😉


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