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Lydia™ Tecoma

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About Lydia™ Tecoma

You won’t regret planting the Lydia Tecoma from the Southern Living Plant Collection! This Tecoma produces bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers from Spring until the first frost in Fall. Therefore, it’s one of the most prolific rebloomers that you can plant! Feel free to snip these blooms off and use them in cut flower arrangements.

The Lydia Tecoma is deciduous, meaning that it will go dormant in most zones after the first frost of the season. However, some particularly warm zones will see this selection as semi-evergreen.

Spring sees its return, with glowing green new foliage. Shortly afterwards, it matures to an attractive, bold green. These leaves feature nicely serrated edges that come to a sharp spade point on the end.

Hummingbird and butterfly lovers will appreciate this shrub, as both are attracted to the tubular blooms of the Lydia Tecoma.

This perennial reaches a mature height of 5-6 ft H x 5ft W and is naturally compact.

Use it as a foundation, hedge, garden accent, or in a mass planting. It’s ideal anywhere you want loads of gorgeous blossoms nearly all growing season long.

Lydia Tecoma Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 8-11, and down to 10° F.

Full Sun (6+ hours) encourages maximum bloom potential. This variety features a notable heat tolerance.

Plant in well-draining soil for best results. However, the Lydia Tecoma tolerates most native soil types as well.

Water regularly until well-established. This will improve its ability to survive in the long-term, as it allows roots to penetrate more deeply. Afterward, supplemental watering is only required in times of dry weather.

Fertilize with a granular fertilizer high in Phosphorus and Potassium (such as 8-10-10) in early spring and summer. This will encourage bloom production in the Lydia Tecoma. Use a balanced slow-release fertilizer (such as 10-10-10) in early fall to promote growth to prepare it for the next growing season.

Lydia Tecoma Spacing Recommendations 

For a seamless planting, plant your Lydia Tecoma 3-4 feet apart. Otherwise, space them 5+ feet apart for gaps between plants.

YouTube video

Interested in a very similar plant to the Lydia Tecoma, but with orange-red blossoms? Check out the Bells of Fire Tecoma!

Common Name
Lydia™ Tecoma
Scientific Name
Tecoma 'TEC60109105' PP24169
USDA Zones
, , , , , ,
Average Size
Sun Exposure

7 reviews for Lydia™ Tecoma

  1. Margie (verified owner)

    My plant arrived very quickly. It was packaged very securely and it had been watered well before shipment. My plant looks very healthy and is larger than I expected.

  2. Maria H Mannara (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants – arrived in good condition and quickly. Customer service was great to work with.

  3. Veronica


  4. Lupe Ruttiger (verified owner)

    This plant arrived safely, well-packed, with a couple of blooms. Once in the ground, after about 2 weeks, Lydia is gloriously blooming with clusters and clusters of yellow bells!! Gorgeous and I can already tell it has a more compact nature that the other tecomas in the garden. The flowers are a bit lighter yellow than the others, with a touch of white in the throat. A very pretty and delicate looking bloom. Love this beautiful plant!

  5. Linda Cullen (verified owner)

    I am well pleased. The plants arrived in excellent condition and bloomed the next day!

  6. Teresa Crouch (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase. Came very fast and packaged very secure with no damage. Thank you!!

  7. merrypat6

    Beautiful! I am very pleased with how fresh and viable my plant was when it was delivered. I planted it the day it arrived and it started to blossom within 2 days. It’s so pretty, This Lydia Tacoma adds a bright , cherry splash of color to our world.

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