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Night Light™ Chamaecyparis

(11 customer reviews)
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About Night Light™ Chamaecyparis

The Night Light Chamaecyparis from the Southern Living Plant Collection makes a brilliant evergreen statement in any landscape! Bright yellow-green foliage is a true eye-catcher and will add a unique lemony twist to your garden. This shrub is perfect for anyone looking for a plant that will separate their yard from the pack.

Furthermore, fans of low-maintenance gardening will appreciate the Night Light’s naturally dense, rounded growth habit. With time and without pruning, the Night Light Chamaecyparis can reach upwards of fifteen feet tall. However, this is not a common size. This Chamaecyparis is easily maintained at a mature 4-5′ tall x 4-5′ wide due to its slow growth habit. For a dwarf, low-growing alternative to Night Light, try Gold Mop False Cypress.

Looking for seasonal interest? The cold winds of winter see the Night Light’s foliage turning to a regal bronze. This is a perfect accent for the muted colors of the season. Once spring returns, this dynamic shrub will provide plenty of gorgeous new golden foliage to go around. We recommend mixing the Night Light with striking red or orange plants for a bold contrast, such as the Orange Rocket Barberry or the Autumn Fire Encore Azalea.

The Night Light Chamaecyparis is a False Cypress, which, as the name implies, is not a true cypress. However, False Cypress belongs to the Cypress family. The name Chamaecyparis roughly translates to ‘ground cypress’ and refers to their tendency to be low-growing compared to other cypress varieties. Another frequently used name is ‘Hinoki Cypress.’

Night Light Chamaecyparis Care

The Night Light Hinoki Cypress grows in USDA Zones: 5-8.

Plant this Chamaecyparis in rich, well-draining soil for best results. Additionally, avoid poor draining planting locations. Standing water from slow-draining soil will lead to root rot and the expiration of your plant.

We recommend providing supplementary watering for your new plant regularly during the first growing season to ensure that it establishes deep roots. Check frequently to ensure that it isn’t getting too much or too little water.

The Night Light Chamaecyparis prefers Full Sun, with Partial Sun being acceptable in most zones as well.

Night Light Chamaecyparis Spacing Recommendations

Plant your Night Light Chamaecyparis 3 feet apart for seamless golden foliage. Space them 5+ feet apart to leave open space between mature plants.

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Scientific Name
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Conschlecht' PP24666
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
4-5' H x 4-5' W
Bloom Season

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11 reviews for Night Light™ Chamaecyparis

  1. Jane B Ferguson

    Great plants

  2. Amanda Reiche

    Is chamaecyparis obtusa at all deer resistant

  3. A Southern Gardener (verified owner)

    I received a healthy and beautiful plant. I love the leaves’ texture and color.

  4. garciapaula677201 (verified owner)

    These plants have not skipped a beat. Highly recommend and the more sun the better for golden color.

  5. Candy (verified owner)

    Well packed,and love the color if this shrub

  6. Matthew Nestander (verified owner)

    Great looking plant with beautiful foliage. Arrived in great condition and would recommend.

  7. Patricia Burns (verified owner)

    Great addition to any yard! Bright golden foliage for the sunny spot in my yard. PBM always has wonderful plants and an interesting variety. Arrived well packaged and healthy. Doing well in my yard.

  8. P. Burns (verified owner)

    Great looking plant. Very pleased with specimen. Arrived very timely and well packaged.

  9. mgauker (verified owner)

    I really like this fluffy shrub, however this is my first purchase where the plant was less than stellar. It has some browning on the interior and the ends are almost white. It will be fine, but if I had seen this specimen in a store, I may not have selected it.

  10. Jeannine Sindlinger (verified owner)

    Beautiful……..plants arrived looking so good. Love the big splash of color they give. They add so much to the landscape

  11. crystal.carrier12 (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful color and adds so much to our landscape. I coordinated this bright green with purple and it looks amazing! The size of the plants out of the box were such a surprise; it was an explosion of color and we are so happy with them!

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