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Peach Glow Little Lucky™ Lantana

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About Peach Glow Little Lucky™ Lantana

The Peach Glow Little Lucky Lantana from the Southern Living Plant Collection is a winner in any landscape! This variety produces fantastic multi-colored bloom clusters that range from peach pink to orange to yellow. Furthermore, the Peach Glow’s bloom season begins earlier than traditional Lantanas. Expect them to start blooming up to three weeks earlier, in spring. Watch and be amazed as bloom cluster after bloom cluster emerges until the first frost of the year.

Its leaves are short and pointed with deep vein lobes. This foliage is an attractive true green hue during the growing season. However, this plant is deciduous and will lose its leaves in winter.

These Lantanas are famous for their dense and compact growth habit and the Peach Glow Little Lucky Lantana is no different. It reaches a mature size of 10-12″ H x 10-12″ W. Therefore, it’s perfect for smaller applications. Try it in containers or in the foreground of garden beds. You’ll never have to worry about it outgrowing its planting location!

This series has four Lantanas, including the Red Little Lucky Lantana, Peach Glow Little Lucky Lantana, Hot Pink Little Lucky Lantana and the Pot of Gold Little Lucky Lantana.

Peach Glow Little Lucky Lantana Care

Perennial in USDA Zones 8-11 and Annual in Zones 7 and below.

Plant in Full Sun for best results. Too little sunlight exposure leads to decreased bloom and foliage potential.

Water 2-3 times per week during the first growing season to ensure that it gets well-established. Check the soil around your plant an hour after watering it. If the soil is still soggy and waterlogged, decrease the frequency with which you water it. If the soil is dry, increase the frequency that you water it.

The Peach Glow Little Lucky Lantana grows best in rich garden soil with good drainage.

This variety requires little fertilizer, however, a light application of a balanced organic fertilizer ensures that it will stay happy and healthy.

Spacing Recommendations

Space your Peach Glow Little Lucky Lantana plants about 8″ apart for seamless foliage. Space them over a foot apart to leave space between each plant.

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1 review for Peach Glow Little Lucky™ Lantana

  1. Charlotte Drew (verified owner)

    Healthy plants on arrival at my home. Plants are thriving since planting. Very pleased with customer service.

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