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Wintergreen Boxwood

(8 customer reviews)

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About Wintergreen Boxwood

The Wintergreen Boxwood has proven itself time and time again in landscapes and gardens across the nation! You may also know of it under the name of Korean Boxwood, however, no matter what you call it, this boxwood knows how to shape up a landscape. The Wintergreen Boxwood is absolutely perfect for borders and formal hedges. Its petite, dark green leaves are ideal for pruning and shaping into topiaries, and allow you to make sharp, crisp edges, as well as seamless curves. New foliage emerges a bright, glossy green before maturing to the characteristic dark green of the variety. Furthermore, these shiny evergreen leaves are here to stay, assuring that your landscape stays consistent from the dead of winter through the dog days of summer.

Once established, the Wintergreen Boxwood is drought tolerant and cold hardy, as well as blight, deer, & rabbit resistant.  Therefore, this boxwood is one of the hardiest shrubs you can plant!

Depending on the suitability of its planting conditions, the Wintergreen Boxwood will traditionally grow 3-6 inches every year. Additionally, it reaches its mature size at 3-5′ H x 3-5′ W.

***This Boxwood cannot be shipped to TN due to agricultural regulations***

Wintergreen Boxwood Care

Hardy in USDA Zones 4-9

Water regularly until well-established, traditionally around 3 months. Afterward, supplemental watering may be required a couple of times a week. During the second growing season, watering your Wintergreen Boxwoods once a week during dry weather should be sufficient.

Well-draining soil is essential as Boxwoods are prone to root rot in poorly-draining soil. Contrary to common perception, Boxwoods do NOT care for acidic soil. Plant them in soil with a pH between 6.5-7.2.

Fertilize your Boxwood shrub in spring with a slow-release fertilizer to ensure it stays happy and healthy throughout the year.

Spacing Your Wintergreen Boxwood

Space Your Wintergreen Boxwood 3 feet apart for a seamless planting. Otherwise, plant them 5+ feet apart for gaps between plants.

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Scientific Name
Buxus sinica var. insularis 'Wintergreen'
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Average Size
3-5' H x 3-5' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season

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8 reviews for Wintergreen Boxwood

  1. Arvin (verified owner)

    Plants are delivered on time.

  2. Rafael (verified owner)


  3. Carmine (verified owner)

    In a word EXCELLENT……excellent product(s), excellent packaging and shipping, excellent response, and excellent customer support…Special thanks to Christy and Nick! I will be back!

  4. Sara Nicole (verified owner)

    Ordered three boxwoods and all arrived in great condition and were well protected during shipping.

  5. Patricia Burns (verified owner)

    Plant was small but that made it easier for me to plant. Glossy, bright green leaves and sturdy stems, very healthy. Pleased with purchase.

  6. K White (verified owner)

    Plants arrived quickly and in great shape. We planted that day and they seem to be very happy where they are. So far they are growing wonderfully. I would order again.

  7. Jana Harris (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the size and quality and they came nicely protected in their packaging. I would order from PlantsbyMail again!

  8. daprasti (verified owner)

    I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was when I received the 26 Wintergreen boxwoods I ordered. I was a bit leery about ordering so many from an online nursery with whom I had never before done business, but all 26 arrived quickly and in excellent condition. The clever packaging (small bamboo arches in each box) protected the plants from damage. I also ordered 4 azaleas that arrived in perfect condition. I’m so happy with my purchases. I have had bad experiences with another well-known online/catalog nursery, so I’m thrilled to have found my new go-to place for plants. I recently built a new house, and I have a large landscape blank slate to fill.

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