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When Do Encore Azaleas Bloom?

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Encore Azaleas are the premier reblooming azalea brand currently on the garden scene. There are over 30 different varieties, with one or two more being introduced every few years traditionally. Despite what you might assume, this question of “When Do Encore Azaleas Bloom?” is more nuanced than you’d expect.

So, When Do Encore Azaleas Bloom?

In simplest terms, these beauties are capable of experiencing three distinct bloom cycles in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

When exactly they will bloom will vary slightly depending on the selection. In order to achieve the various colors, sizes, and shapes of Encore Azaleas, different species of azaleas were hybridized and selectively cultivated. These closely-related but distinct species react slightly differently to the environment around them. When they decide to bloom depends on a complex set of internal processes that go on in every plant (not just Encores) and inform the plant on when they need to perform certain actions. So, for example, the Autumn Fire might bloom and then the Autumn Carnation may start to bloom a week and a half later. It all depends on the weather you experience that year, the length of the days, and the varieties you’re planting. However, this means that by planting several different Encores together, you can spread flowers out for a longer bloom season.


Encores have an initial large spring bloom that is similar in scale to traditional Azaleas. Plants in good planting conditions will be nearly completely coated in blossoms. These flowers will tend to last about 2 weeks and they’re a perfect welcoming wagon for the new spring season.


A couple of months after the Spring bloom, your azaleas will start putting on new buds. This bloom cycle tends to be smaller than the first one, but you’ll still be able to enjoy a bounty of summer flowers that open up over a couple of weeks.

Some varieties are actually known for their considerable Summer blooms. The Autumn Coral and Autumn Chiffon are two “sibling” Encores that have huge summer flower yields that even rival their spring bloom cycle.


Fall sees one more flower cycle before winter shows up. This usually occurs in mid-fall after the summer heat has cooled down. This cycle is usually similar in size to the summer bloom but can be quite impressive thanks to the intensity of the summer sun.

Bonus Blooms!

Often, you’ll find your Encores with small numbers of blooms here and there between their primary bloom periods. They’re not as considerable at these times, but they still add additional interest and color to your landscape and are always a welcome surprise.

“When do Encore Azaleas bloom next after they’re first planted?”

They should follow the framework listed above in most planting locations. They should bloom any buds that they have built up and stack up more for Summer or Fall or whatever bloom season comes next. However, it’s worth noting that every once in a while, a plant will focus more on producing roots than blooms when it’s first planted. As long as the plant appears healthy, the blooms will come!

If it still hasn’t bloomed after a year, there’s one of a few issues going on.

  1. Lack of sun. Plants need sunlight to create flowers. Too little sun will lead to lower bloom production.
  2. Your soil could be very high in nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential element for your plant’s wellbeing, it’s used to create new foliage. If your soil has an abundance of nitrogen, your plant might focus on producing leaves and branches rather than blooms. If you have this issue, add sawdust or wood chips to the soil. It will help to absorb the excess nitrogen over time.
  3. Your plant might not be getting enough moisture. Plants need water to make flowers and dehydrated plants drop buds. Water your plant more frequently to solve this issue.

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