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Why Fall is the Ideal Time to Plant Shrubs and Trees in Your Landscape

Written by: PBM Team



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As the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisper, fall unveils its unique charm and beauty. While many associate spring with planting, autumn is the optimal time to introduce new shrubs and trees to your landscape. Whether you’re looking to enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal, bolster its health, or make long-lasting investments in the future of your outdoor space, there are several compelling reasons why fall is the best time to plant. At, we’re here to share these insights and help you make the most of this fantastic planting season.

Cooler Temperatures and Adequate Moisture

Falls moderate temperatures create the ideal conditions for planting. The soil remains warm from the summer sun, promoting root growth, while the cooler air reduces stress on the newly transplanted shrubs and trees. Additionally, as the days become shorter, plants shift their focus from foliage production to root development, making fall planting an opportune moment to establish a robust, healthy root system.

Furthermore, fall often brings increased rainfall, reducing the need for frequent watering and ensuring that your plants receive the moisture they require for proper establishment.

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Less Stress on Plants

Planting during the heat of summer can be stressful for both gardeners and plants. Heat stress and water loss risk are reduced in the fall, as plants are less vulnerable to drought and extreme temperatures. This decreased stress allows them to establish their roots without the added challenge of scorching sun or water shortages. Fall planting provides a smoother transition for your shrubs and trees, increasing their chances of survival and future growth.

Establishing Roots Before Winter

Planting in the fall allows ample time for new additions to your landscape to establish a robust root system before the harsh winter months. Well-established roots enable plants to access water and nutrients more efficiently and provide the stability to withstand winter’s unpredictable weather conditions. Come spring, these well-rooted plants are better prepared to put their energy into new growth and blossom with vitality.

Encore Azaleas are the perfect addition to your landscape and can get a jump start on next year’s blooms when you plant them in the fall.

Reduced Risk of Pests and Disease

The cooler temperatures of fall are not just beneficial for plants but also less inviting to many common garden pests and diseases. With fewer insects and pathogens in the garden, your newly planted shrubs and trees face a lower risk of infestation or infection, promoting their overall health and longevity.

The Perfect Season for Planning and Planting

Falls natural rhythm and beauty create a tranquil atmosphere for planning and planting. The changing foliage inspires your landscape design, and the pleasant weather makes the process enjoyable. With less competition for your time and attention in the garden compared to the bustling spring season, fall is the perfect moment to focus on your landscape and ensure it thrives in the coming years.

At, we understand the significance of fall planting and offer an array of shrubs and trees ideal for autumn installation. Whether you’re looking for evergreens, ornamental trees, or flowering shrubs, our carefully selected collection will enhance your landscape with the beauty and benefits of fall planting. Embrace this extraordinary season, and make your garden dreams a reality by planting with purpose and intention this fall.

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