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Downhome Harvest Edible Collection

Southern Living Plants offer a variety of delectable fruiting plant varieties to please both the palate and the eye! Blueberries, blackberries, and figs!

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The DownHome Harvest Edible Collection is an exciting new line from the Southern Living Plant Collection! These plants were specifically selected and bred for Southern landscapes. They're some of the highest-quality fruit plants on the market today! Additionally, plant a mix of them to have fruit nearly all growing season long.

DownHome Harvest Edible Collection Selections

A Dynamic Duo of Rabbiteye Blueberry Shrubs

The DownHome Harvest Edible Collection features two Rabbiteye Blueberry shrubs, the Takes the Cake Blueberry and Bless Your Heart Blueberry. Both have large harvests of delicious blueberries every year. They're also naturally compact growing and disease resistant! Rabbiteye Blueberry shrubs produce more fruit when planted with different varieties. Therefore, plant both to maximize your berry haul. Expect their fruit to ripen from late spring to summer.

Thornless Upright Blackberry Shrubs That'll Knock Your Socks Off

DownHome Harvest features three different upright blackberries, the Osage Thornless Blackberry, Navaho Thornless Blackberry, and the Prime-Ark Freedom Thornless Blackberry. The Osage produces the most flavorful berries. The Navaho features remarkably sweet berries. While the Prime-Ark freedom produces the largest berries AND fruits on the first year's growth. Their harvest time varies from late spring to summer.

A Dwarf Fig Shrub Like No Other

The Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig is a standout fig variety from the DownHome Harvest Edible Collection! It's noted for its delightfully sweet and smooth textured fruit. Furthermore, it's naturally compact and produces fruit in both Spring and Fall!

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